Ch. 22

The French new deal gave workers the right to
Use collective bargaining
The purpose of Stalins five year plan was to
Transform the USSR from an agricultural into and industrial economy
Who was the head of the nazi propaganda ministry?
Joseph Gobbles
Mussolini’s Fascist government attempted to control it’s citizens through
Mass propaganda
As a director of the Ss, Heinrich himmlers focus was on controlling the German people by using strategies such as
Terrorizing people with secret police, concentration camps, and execution squads
Enforcement of the Treaty of Versailles began with the issue of
The British economist who argued that economic depressions should be combated through government spending to create jobs and increase demand was named
John Maynard Keys
How did collectivism under Joseph Stalin affect Russia?
It led to widespread famine.
Why was Mussolini’s movement appealing to the Italian middle class?
They thought a strong central government would prevent from socialism and communism
Why were U. S. bank loans to Germany Vital to the European economy after World War I?
Germany used the loans to pay reparations to Britain and France.
The leading policy-making body of the Soviet Communist government was called the
A period of low economic activity and rising unemployment is called
An economic depression
Increased government activity in the economy during the Great Depression led to
People following political leaders who offered simple solutions in return for dictatorial power
One of the most effective strategies implemented by Adolf Hitler to end feh depression in Germany was
Creating a massive rearmament program to provide jobs
Which of the following is the title of a major Nazi propaganda film directed by Leni Riefenstahl?
Triumph of the will
A government that aims to control the political, economic, social, intellectual, and cultural lives of its citizens is classified as
Who led the Spanish military in a revolt against the democratic government?
Francisco Franco
In 1924, an international attempted to deal with runaway Germany inflation by creating the Dawes Plan, which
Reduced Germany’s reparations debt
How did Benito Mussolini gain the support of the Catholic Church?
He expanded Vatican City and officially recognized Catholicism as the state religion
Stalin gained control over the Communist party by
Purging people he thought were a threat
In Italy’s fascist state, the nation was glorified over the individual and the government did not tolerate
What was Kristallnact, which happened on November 9, 1938?
A destructive rampage against German Jews led by Nazis
The Nazis encouraged radio listening because
Radio could be used for political purposes
Hitler ended Germany’s depression, economic woes, and unemployment by
Implementing public works projects and a rearmament program
Hitler’s political theories were based on
Racism and Nationalism
Parliamentary systems failed in most European states, in part, because
These stares had little democratic tradition
A factor in leading many Germans to accept Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party was
The belief that Hitler had ended the country’s economic depression
The government established in Germany after the end of World War 1 was called
The Weimar Republic
In Germany, inflation and unemployment during the Great Depression paved the way for
New social programs
What did the Nuremberg laws do?
They excluded Jews from German citizenship and forbade mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews
Stalin’s five-year plans were intended to transform the Soviet Union into
An industrial society
The Great Depression was caused primarily by
An economic downturn and the U. S. Stock market crash.
In explaining the causes of the Great Depression, economist John Maynard Keynes noted that
Unemployment was due to declining demand, not overproduction
Which of the following weakened the League of Nations?
That the U. S. Did not join the League of Nations
Under Mussolini, the Italian Fascists used propaganda to
Control public opinion

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