La Gran Aventura de Alejandro

How old is Miguel?
How old is Isabel?
What was under Alejandro’s bed at home (mexico)?
a sandwich
For vacation where does the family go first?
Where does the Toledo family stay in Madrid?
El Hotel Arosa
What street is the Hotel Arosa located?
la gran vía
What two things did Alejandro forget?
ropa interior and a toothbursh
Who does Alejandro run and help when he hears screaming on the streets bc boys were teasing this girl?
How old is Graciela?
What street does Alejandro find Graciela?
La Gran Vía
What is the name of the gypsy who gives Alejandro the ring (graciela’s mom) ?
What statue does Alejandro see at the Plaza de España
Miguel de Cervantes
Who is Miguel de Cervantes?
the author of Don Quijote
What does Don Quijote think he is?
a knight ( caballero andante)
Does Don Quijote seem crazy to Alejandro?
Who does Don Quijote think the gypsy is disguised as?
Who is Rocinante?
Don Quijote’s horse
When Don takes Alejandro to the jail, what are the crimes of the prisoners?
Singing and being in love
What does Don Quijote do to the prisoners?
releases them from jail
What did the prisoners do when Don called them badly educated?
threw rocks (pierdas) at him
Who is Dulcinea?
Ugly, peasant, Don loves
What happens at the Prado
museum with the painting of Margarita
What statue is in front of the Prado (big artist in spanish)?
Diego Velázquez
What is the painting called with Princess Margarita in it?
Las Meninas
Who painted the painting Las Meninas
Diego Velázquez
Who are Margarita’s parents?
King Felipe IV and Queen Mariana
What does Margarita give Alejandro?
Who is Margarita arranged to marry?
her cousin
At the book store what book does Alejandro go into?
El Lazarillo de Tormes
Who is Lazarillo?
orphan who lives in the streets and robs
Who did Lazarillo used to work for/live with?
El ciego
Who does Lazarillo now live with who is very nice?
El hidalgo
What happened at El Rastro?
handcuffs problem
What is El Rastro?
Outside market with used objects
Why did Isabel call the vendor at El Rastro sexist?
He called the handcuffs wives
Where is Alejandro before the ring shines and he is put with Franz?
in El Rastro
Why is Franz crying?
He is going to get hung for a crime he did not commit (did not steal)
Why didn’t Franz get hung?
Santo Domingo de la Clazada helped him
Who did Alejandro get the ring from
Who did Alejandro get the flower from
Who did Alejandro get the chicken feather from (la pluma)
the judge’s chicken from Franz’s case
Where did he get the handkerchief from (el pañuelo)
Where did Alejandro meet Juana La Loca
at the museo de figuras de cera
Who is Juana La Loca?
her husband died and she’s been carrying him around for 2 years because he cheated on her
Who was Juana’s husband?
What does Juana believe will happen to her husband
he will come back to life
Who is El Ced
the national hero of Spain for awhile
Who are Doña Elvira y doña sol
the daughters of el Ced
What happened to the daughters of el ced
they had bad arranged marriages and their future husbands left them on a mountain
Who saved Doña Elvira y Doña sol
Félez Muñoz (cousin)
Where does Alejandro find about the EL Ced story and his daughters
at the museo de figuras de cera
What is the name of the lion that runs out of the castle and El cid calms?
Who are Don Fernando y don diego
the bad men the two daughters of El Ced were arranged to marry
Where do the Toledos go after Spain?
What happens at el museo de Santa Cruz
Alejandro meets Fernando who is jealous of his famous brother, Carolos I
What happens at La gran fortaleza
Alejandro meets Raquel
Who is Raquel and why is she crying
she can’t marry the one she loves because her boyfriend is jewish and she is christian
Who’s Leopoldo de Austria
future husband of Margarita (her cousin)

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