Tears of a Tiger Studyguide

Why was Robert Washington unable to escape from the other car like the other boys?
his legs were on the dashboard and the crash sent his feet through the windshield, the gas tank went off, he burned to death
What sports team did Rob captain of?
basketball team
What was the accident due to?
What is “cool bottles sunshine”?
What, according to Rob, is the reason why Andy only scored 6 points int he game?
he was looking at the girls in the stands
Why does Gerald refer to Andy and Rob as “two dudes named after a couple of dead presidents”?
Andy–Andrew Jackson
Rob–Robert Washington
Why does Gerald decide not to go out with Andy and Rob?
he did not want to get into trouble
What did Andy have to hide from Keisha?
he was drinking
Who or what is “Good Sam”
How do Rhonda and Keisha find out about he accident?
Rhonda’s mom told them
What was the boys’ first reaction when the car started weaving and people began honking at them?
thought it was funny
What, according to Gerald, is the first thing a girl always think when her boyfriend is late?
if in an accident(foreshadowing)
Whose help did Rob scream for when he realized he was trapped in a burning car?
What reason does BJ give the boys for why he doesn’t drink? What is the real reason?
told them it stunted his growth, but hates it “boiled sweat socks”
Why does BJ lies to his friends about his reason for not drinking?
does not wanted to get teased about his height
Why did BJ not insist upon driving Andy’s car?
he never asks questions and goes along with everything
Rhonda doesn’t cry about Rob’s death. Why?
she was mad at them for drinking
How has the basketball team decided to honor Rob’s memory?
dedicate the season to him and win the title
What is ironic about the fact that one of Coach Ripley’s star pupils died in a drunk driving accident?
he sponsors 2 groups that is against it
How are Andy’s parents reacting to the accident?
shocked and sad
How does the coach treat Andy after the accident?
In what two ways does Andy think he should have been a more severely punished for the accident?
should have been the one dead, or sent to jail
What is Andy charged with?
charged with DWI, license revoked until 21, 2 year suspended sentence
How does Rhonda feel about the grief counselors?
no help
According to Rhonda, what has helped her and fellow classmates to deal with the grief?
talking in small groups
How has Andy’s behavior changed since the accident?
cries and depressed, goes to a psychologist
What do we learn abut Andy’s parents?
never go to the games, they don’t fit in
What does Gerald think that 5 dollar bills are used to buy?
whiskey, pot, crack
Later, whose parents were surprisingly at the game?and not?
Andy’s parents–not there
Rob’s parents–were there
What surprises Andy about the psychologist?
he is black
How does Andy feel about seeing a psychologist?
thinks its unnecessary
What deal does the psychologist strike with Andy?
if andy convinces him he is fine, he won’t have to come back
Who does Andy blame for the accident?
What was the worst thing that happened to Andy when he returned to school?
he found a note that said “killer”
What worries Andy about Monty?
that he will have the same problems
Why does Andy get upset with Keisha?
she doesn’t want to hang out with him
What about Andy is starting to get on Keisha’s nerves?
he has temper tantrums
How is Andy doing in school like grades?
no good
Why do the kids at school hate Marcus?
he always get good grades
Which students always win the academic awards?
white kids
What assumption did Andy’s guidance counselor make about him?
he shouldn’t aim high
What depresses Andy as he walks through the mall?
saw a Santa Claus display and reminded him of Rob
Does Keisha seem to understand and sympathize with Andy’s depression?
How does shopkeepers treat black boys differ from the way they treat white boys?
black–they watch them carefully
white–they let them do whatever
How did Andy and Rob toy with the shopkeepers that make racist comments?
they would pretend to buy something
What did the shopkeepers assume when he and Rob left a store without incident?
he were gonna come back to rob them
How does Andy feel about his relationship with Keisha?
everything is good and no problems
What does Keisha feel that Andy does too frequently?
What circumstance does Keisha find comparable to being black among mostly whites?
blacks stand out when they want to fit in
The colors black and white are frequently associated with what?
Why could wearing red lead to arrest and possibly death in Puritan England?
red was associated with devil and evil
What makes Andy think of Rob all of the sudden?
the cold
Describe Keisha’s feelings with Andy?
annoyed with him
Why has Andy not spoken with Rob’s parents since Christmas?
he think they hate him for killing Rob
What kept Andy from jumping off the overpass?
What does the psychologist ask Andy to do if Andy ever feels like he can’t handle his grief?
to call the psychologist
What homework does Andy’s psychologist give him?
to write a letter to Rob’s parents
What is sometimes part of the grieving process?
considering suicide
What does Andy imagine his future to be like?
In his dream, what does Rob want him to do?
to be dead
Who does Rob blame for his death?
What does put in the letter to Rob’s parents?
the good things about Rob
What does Andy hope his letter will accomplish?
give Rob’s parents comfort and forgive him
What does Andy reveal about his own family in the letter?
he wishes he was a part of Rob’s family than his own
Why does BJ nix the idea of him and Tyrone talking to Andy’s parents about their concern for him?
they would not listen to them
How does Mrs.Thorne respond to BJ and Tyrone’s concerns?
doesn’t take them seriously
According to Keisha, what motivates students to come to school?
seeing friends
Does Keisha seem to believe that Andy will recover? Why?
yes-he has good friends that care
What is troubling Ms.Blackwell about Andy?
his behavior and mood
What does Monty know about Andy’s accident?
he is sad and can’t drive
To whom does Monty compare his “very sad” tiger?
What does Keisha know about Andy that no one else does?
he’s still depressed and not better at all
What question has Andy asked Keisha that may lead to suspect that he is considering suicide?
If i die, will you miss me?
What scares Rhonda about “the real kind of love”?
she might get hurt
What does Andy do at the talent show that almost gets him in trouble with Mrs.Jawes?
he was taking off his clothes
What does Keisha notice about Andy as she watches him perform?
he was not smiling
What does Keisha do when Andy leaves the stage and comes over to her?
to compliment him
How does Andy’s mother refer to the car crash?
an unfortunate incident
What does Rhonda think that Andy needs?
For what purpose had Keisha been going to perform in the talent show?
to sing a song for Andy and surprise him
Who does Andy blame for his having missed the chance to talk to college scouts?
his dad
What does Andy feel that his low grades,absences,and police record will result in?
no college/scholarship
What do we find out about Andy’s college dreams?
he never wanted to go to college
What does Mr.Jackson think that Andy lacks?
the desire to excel
Why is the psychologist unable to calm Andy down?
he is out of town
What does the fact that Andy chooses to make these calls tell us about Andy?
he wants someone to listen to him
Nobody picks up Andy’s calls. What does he think about that?
nobody cares about him
What is Keisha looking forward to now that she and him are broken up?
relaxing and freedom
What does Keisha think might happen if she goes to Andy’s house?
she might cry and get back together with him
How did Andy feel during his childhood accident on the escalator?
like he wasn’t there at all
Does Andy want to die? Why does he kill himself?
no–too painful to live
Who first noticed a sign that Andy was dead?
Monty–saw blood through the ceiling
How has Andy’s suicide affected Tyrone’s and BJ’s relationship?
nothing is the same anymore–no fun
Why is Gerald so angry at Andy?
hates him for leaving and having no courage to live
What serious message about suicide does Rhonda’s letter convey?
suicide will hurt everyone
What has helped BJ to cope with the pain of Rob’s death?
praying to god
How has Andy’s suicide affected his family?
they moved, parents split up, parents more attention to Monty
What advice has Mr.Jackson given Monty even though the same advice did not help Andy after Rob’s death?
to have strength and to be brave
Who does Monty associate the tiger with now?

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