Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 2 Completing the Sentence

Our physical education instructor _____________ the virtues of regular exercise.
For centuries, Switzerland has avoided becoming a(n) __________________ in the conflicts that have scarred the rest of Europe.
When I realized how bad the brakes of the old car were, I feared that our lives were in _______________.
What good is a plastic raincoat that is ________________ to water if it also prevents any body heat from escaping?
As the old soldier watched the parade, he was suddenly overcome with _______________ for the youthful years he spent in the army.
King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table were the ___________________ of chivalry.
A triple reverse looks mighty impressive on the chalkboard, but I doubt that the play will prove ________________ on the football field.
A(n) _______________ examination of my luggage was enough to show me that someone had been tampering with it.
An expert from the museum _________________ the painting, looking for telltale signs that would prove it to be genuine or expose it as a forgery.
If you are ________________ to hard study and intensive reading, how do you expect to get through law school?
If, as you claim, you really like raw oysters, why do you make such an eloquent ________________ every time you swallow one?
My teacher counseled me to keep up my studies, or my performance in class might once again ________________ into mediocrity.
When I heard you speaking French so fluently, my determination to master that language received a fresh _____________.
Because I was looking forward to a hot bath, I was disappointed at the feeble stream of _____________ water that flowed into the tub.
The accountant’s records – neat, accurate, and complete in every respect – show that she is a most __________________ worker.
Although he shows no particular talent as a worker, he is exceptionally _____________ at finding excuses for not doing his job.
Regarding Native Americans as “bloodthirsty savages,” Europeans were rarely able to maintain _______________ relations with them.
No one doubted the _______________ intentions of the program for community improvement, but it was ruined by mismanagement.
We must not forget the millions of people who were ruthlessly slaughtered by the Nazis in the ________________ of World War II.
Only when we learned that the embezzler had tried to cast suspicion on his innocent partner did we realize the extent of his _______________.

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