How do you stop United Way?
Send an email to the Alliance-HRMS mailbox with the employees EIN and request to end deduction
Why can’t you use your badge to payroll deduct?
-May be in a ineligible status for payroll deduction
-May have reached maximum amount of deductions that can be taken
What happens if there are no funds or not enough funds to cover deductions. Ex. surgery and barely any PTO
-Voluntary deductions will go into arrears
-401K and garnishments do not go into arrears
How do you setup a payroll deduction because of a hospital bill?
Call Patient Financial Services
What do you do when an employee has deductions being taken out that are not their own?
Deduction description in Lawson. Employee will need to contact the vendor.
What is PIK?
Payment in Kind- a non cash distribution.
-example: giftcards
-contact payroll for details
Who to have employees contact if they don’t receive their bonus?
Contact Rhonda Trent at her email [email protected]
Do we have a Credit Union for UC Health?
No, but there is a Cincinnati Healthcare Associates Federal Credit Union that is in the Business Center multiple times a week in the lobby.
How do you donate PTO to a co-worker?
The PTO Donation Policy can be found on the intranet.
-A form is included in the policy and will need to be completed by the donor and sent to the PTO [email protected] email box

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