Professionalism NURS 110

Understanding that changes are necessary, the overwhelmed new nurse needs to be aware that
A: Q/t relies on participation of nurses in making changes
Client c/o MD not explaining the procedure nurse calls the MD in to explain this exemplifies
A. Nurse as the patient advocate
RN administers pain meds to a client with rib fx what type of nursing intervention is this
A. Dependent
Which outcome is most appropriate for nsg dx of Constipation r/t slowed GI motility 2* pain meds
A. Client will have a formed stool by end of shift
The first practicing nurse epidemiologist was
A. Florence Nightingale
This demonstrates a nurse utilizing self-reflection to improve clinical decision-making
A. Evaluate the effectiveness of intervention
RN gives wrong med, client has no ill effects after assessing client the RN should do all but
A. Document in medical record that a variance report was filled
Q. Which type of implementation skills does an RN establishe trust with a 9 y/o before giving injection
A. Interpersonal
Q. Which of the following is a nursing intervention?
A. Repositioning a patient who is on bed rest
Q. UAP reports a reddened area on the client’s hip while bathing the client. The nurse should
A. Go to the client’s room to assess the patient’s skin
Q. Professional standards influence a nurse’s clinical decisions by
A. Requires RN to use critical thinking for quality nsg care
Q. Subjective data includes:
A. A client’s feelings, perceptions, and reported symptoms
Q. Which diagnosis below is NANDA-1 approved
A. Acute pain
Client lost 5lbs c/o food not ok in religion Nsg Dx imbalanced nutrit < body requirements r/t
A. Decreased oral intake
Client doesn’t speak English, what is the initial action RN must take to obtain informed consent
A. Request official interpreter to explain the terms of consent
Student nurse fails to see how NGS Theories relate to nsg process the RN explains NSG Theory
A. can direct how a nurse uses the nursing process
.HIPAA requires improved efficiency of health care delivery. Which is a way to improve efficiency?
A. Increasing access to patient records.
Protected health information (PHI) includes:
A. Health information that is linked to patient identifier
Which of the following is not a practice setting for a physical therapist?
A. Pharmacy
What is the minimum educational requirement/entry level degree for an occupational therapist?
A. Master’s degree
What is the most important responsibility for a dietician?
A. Treat diseases with proper nutrition and vitamins
Clara Barton was the founder of which organization?
A. American Red Cross
One Joint Commission 2015 patient safety goals is to prevent mistakes in surgery by all except
A. Having a family member verify client identity before surgery
All of the following are examples of negligent acts except
A. Failure to follow provider order conflicting with policies
The purpose of keeping medical records includes all of the following except
A. Incident Report Documenting
RN floated to work on a unit that involves skills not competent in the best nursing action
A. Call nsg sup to discuss situation don’t accept assignment
RN doing physical exam on a client. Which is outside the scope of RN practice for physical exams?
A. To order labs and treatments after exams
A variance report should be completed when?
A. When an unusual occurrence happens
Which of the following are examples of primary care:
A. Well-baby and family planning
QSEN stands for:
A. Quality and Safety Education for Nurses
The commitment to include clients in all decisions about their care
A: Autonomy
Intentional threat- to give a treatment without permission.
A: assault
Federal statute that protects private patient information from being disclosed.
A: HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
When a patient requests the healthcare team to assist her with suicide. This is referred to as
A: Physician assisted suicide
This statute requires insurance companies provide coverage that includes mental health issues.
A: Mental health parity act
The avoidance of harm or hurt.
A: non maleficence
Defines as that of what a reasonable and prudent nurse would do when caring for a same or similar patient in the same or similar circumstances.
A: standard of care for nurses
In a healthcare facility, such as a hospital, nursing home or assisted living this is filled out in order to record details of an unusual event that occurs at the facility. Such as an injury to a patient.
A: Occurrence, incident, variance report
A legal document that allows patients to express how they would prefer their end of life care.
A: Advance directive
This law improved the process for individuals to make anatomical donations.
A: Uniform anatomical gift act
This statute protects workers with disabilities against discrimination.
A: ADA. American with disabilities act
Professional code of ethics that requires the nurse to provide support for your patient to stand, speak for your patient.
A: Patient advocacy
Leaving your assignment without talking to your supervisor.
A: Abandonment
A 36 yr old pt has just tested positive for HIV. He asks that you not inform his wife of the results claims he is not ready to tell her yet. What is your role legally as the nurse? What would you say?
A: Public health law. Reporting of the pt and any known sexual partners to local health officers
Immunity provisions protecting individuals who report this civil liabilities and penalties for individuals who fail to comply with this reporting.
A:mandated reporting of abuse (child or elder)
A civil wrong or wrongful act, whether intentional or accidental, from which injury occurs to another.
The care provided falls below standards of care.
A: Negligence
This law protects bystanders for offering reasonable assistance to injured individuals…
A: Good samaritan law
Permission granted in the knowledge of the possible risk and benefits.
A:Informed consent
Professional negligence ( not checking ID or documented allergies)
A: Malpractice
Encourage hospitals, state licensing boards, and professional societies to identify and take corrective action for health care workers who may be found by peer review to be engaged in negligent or unprofessional conduct
A: The health care quality improvement act
Federal statute that mandates patients be informed about their rights regarding decisions toward their own medical care (living will or power of attorney)
A: PSDA. Patient self determination act
The law of nurses that uses their scope of practice?
A: Nursing Practice Act
Requires anyone coming to an er to be stabilized and treated, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.
Intentional touching without consent. An example: consent for one treatment and another treatment is performed.
A: Battery
What abbreviations shouldnt be used in charting.
q.d. (mistaken for qid)
A nurse is caring for a client who is diagnosed with anemia. Which of the following skin color variations is caused by a reduced amount of oxyhemoglobin?
A nurse is collecting data on a recently admitted client. Which of the following techniques should the nurse use to measure tissue perfusion?
Obtaining the client’s level of oxygen saturation
If blood is spilled on the floor, what should be used to clean it up?
Chlorine (bleach)
What finding is suggesting a healthy nutritional status?
Deep reddish-colored tongue
What is an adverse effect of dexamethasone (Prednisone)?
If a patient with enteral tube feeding is having diarrhea after each feeding, what should the nurse do to prevent the diarrhea?
Reduce the rate of the feedings
What is an adverse effect of morphine?
Urinary retention
Female client 35 yr old should do which screening
Derm eval every 3 years to detect skin cancer
What is Autonomy?
Respecting the clients right to make personal health care decisions
What is appropriate when preparing a medication for administration from an ampule?
Set the ampule on a flat surface to withdraw the promethazine
Nurses on a clinical unit wish to research the incidence of falls among patients following joint replacement surgery. Which of the following should they do to ensure the study complies with the HIPAA Privacy Rules?
Submit their proposal to the institutional review board for review and describe how they will de-identify patient info
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
governs an institutions compliance with policies and procedures that are in place to prevent work-related injuries, illness, and deaths
Joint Commission
Evaluates a health care organizations performance in relation to establish standards.
Office of Civil Rights (OCR)
The authority to receive and investigate complaints by patients and other involved individuals related to the Privacy Rule
Privacy and Civil Liberties Office
PCLO of the Department of Justice (DOJ) oversees the DOJ’s privacy policies and compliance with those policies
The term liability is used when a health care provider is deemed responsible for an untoward event leading to injury of a pt. The term vicarious liability means:
-Is dependent on the legal relationships b/w two entities
-Most commonly involves a relationship b/w employer and employee
-means let the master respond
In most cases, legal action initiated against a nurse falls under which branch of gov?
The criminals system is to punish the wrongdoer for the crime committed; the civil system is designed to compensate the BLANK for harm done
The burden of proof in a civil lawsuit is:
Less stringent in criminal cases
Negligences means:
Failure to act as a responsible person would act in the same/similar situation
Malpractice is usually limited to the actions of a professional, and:
-Is defined by the proven existence of a duty of a pt.
-involves a breach of duty towards a pt
-is involved when a breach of duty to a pt. caused an injury
A study of case reports shows that allegations filed against nurses tend to fall within one of several categories. These include failure to:
Follow the standards of care, use equipment responsibly, communicate, document, assess and monitor, act as patient advocate
An adverse event is:
An injury is caused by medical management rather than underlying disease AND referred to as harm, injury, or complication
The Blunt End, Sharp End Human Performance Framework is useful for explaining nursing in that:
The framework represents how work is actually accomplished in complex work environments
Understanding the Swiss Cheese Model for explaining errors would be reflected in which of the following statements?
Multiple factors contributed to the error including poor communication about the process change, similar packaging of two different drugs, and understaffing on the unit
Which theory looks at the interrelationships between parts, behaviors, systems and environment?
Complexity science
Dynamic conditions, people working in teams, high stress and time constraints are all characteristics of:
Complex work environment
Essential abilities that individuals bring to complex work environments that prevent near-misses, errors, and poor quality care include which of the following?
Flexibility in imperfect situations allowing reorganizations and prioritization, anticipation of problems, and adaptation in dynamic and changing situations
Telling stories about situations involving near-misses or errors is most useful for preventing future events if they include which of the following ?
A detailed sequence of events surrounding the situation including what those involved were thinking during the time
Involving front-line workers in designing new processes or implementing system change is represented best by which of the following approaches to front-line staff early on in the redesign?
Getting feedback from staff on how implementation of this process would change the way you think about or do your work
Which of the following is a nursing intervention?
Provide assistance to ambulate client twice this shift
A clinic that is designed to provide health education and immuinzations is designed to provide
Primary prevention
The health care model that utilizes Maslows Hierarchy as its base is the
Basic human needs model
Before implementing any intervention, the nurses use critical thinking to
Determine if an intervention is appropriate for a client
The student nurse can best develop critical thinking skills by doing which of the following
Participating in all clinical experiences
What is the minimum educational degree for a pharmacist?
To help prepare nursing students in patient safety, which website would be the best resource?
SMART goal
Specific measurable attainable reasonable timed
Explain the impact of quality safety initiatives
Focus to improve patient safety and decrease occurence
Which of the following is one of the nine AACN essentials for a BSN program?
Scholarship for Evidence Based Practice
Which of the following is a primary characteristic of nursing that supports it as a profession
Theoretical body knowledge defined skills, abilities, and norms
What step of the nursing process determined the client condition and need to change the plan of care
The RN assigns who to provide morning care for an adult client requiring assistance with ADLs
Which nursing theory is known for their self care theory
Dorothea Orem
Which nursing theorist has the Systems Model
Betty Neuman
Whos theory is adaptation model
Sister Calista Roy
Which theorist wrote the book from novice to expert to help explain her theory?
Patricia Benner
Whos theory incorporates Trans cultural nursing
Madeline Lenninger
Whos theory goal is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act on them
Florence nightengale

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