Social work in health care

acute care
health care facilities such as hospitals, out patient clinics, and emergency rooms that provide immediate, short term care
subacute centers
health care facilities that provide intensive medical services for people who do not need to remain in the hospital but also may not need long term care
cost containment
policies and procedures that seek to control rising cost. health care organizations have been under considerable pressure from government and citizen groups to cut or at least stabilize health care costs
program that cares for terminally ill people in an environment that is less restrictive than a hospital
palliative care
an active form of treatment to relive pain and provide the best quality of life possible to persons who are terminally ill
lady almoners
health care social worker.
1965-Title XVII, to SSA, provide healthcare for elderly and long term disabled
capitated plans
coordinated and managed, prepaid health care plans in which clients are not permitted to receive services outside the plan
1965-Title XIX – provides health care for poor people
universal coverage
insurance of health care that all people need
universal programs
social welfare programs that are open to everyone in a nation who falls into a certain category
prospective payment system
paying hospitals a fixed amount regardless of the length of stay
diagnostic-related group plan
1082-provides payment to hospitals based on the number of days or services provided but on a predetermined dollar amount per diagnosis
national health insurance
health insurance for all citizens
national health service
provide complete range of health care to everyone
special education
meet childrens needs who have special needs and disabilities
emotional or behavioral disturbance
lead to special education services
secondary social work setting
social work services support the primary purpose of the setting
education in two languages usually majority of culture language
sheltered English immersion
children who don’t speak English and are places in classrooms to learn
educated in English in as normal a fashion for an American child as possible
a smaller variant of a particular culture
rules of behavior, both formal and informal, and expectations held collectively by a culture, group, organization or society
multidisciplinary team
small, organized group of persons- each trained in different professional disciplines and each possessing her or his own skills and orientations- working together to achieve a common
social emotional learning
in the school setting SEL recognizing emotions and uses variety of methods to regulate responses to stress such as contemplative practice or meditation and breathing exercises
where are the orginal lady almoners from
London’s Charity Organization Society
The life Model of Social Work Practice
1980, great deal of content related to natural environment
Ida Cannon
originator of medical social work, founder of American Association Of Hospital Social Workers in 1918 later known as American Association of Medical Social Workers (AAMSW)
medicare covers
people who are 65 of age, disabled, permanent kidney failure
what is the Clinton Health Security act of 1993
first proposed large scale health care reform proposal, achieved universal coverage
Hospice in history
medieval times were way stations ran by relgious orders or monks or sister, provided rescue and assistance to travelers
first hospice around 1970
what did the tithing of the early Christians do?
Produced funds that churches could use for the care of the poor and the sick
American Association of Hospital Social Workers was in
origins of health care social work and history of medical social work
Lady Almoner, Medical Social Work, American Association of Hospital Social workers, 1920-1980 Hospital Social work became increasingly important
Social work health care
Collaboration, Application of knowledge, skills, social workers practiced in public health, focused on preservation and promotion of health, team approach
roles of social workers in health care
case finding and outreach, assessment, service provision, direct counseling, referral services, client advocates, information and health education
health care services
acute care, hospice, subacute centers
health care services long term care
any combination of nursing, personal care, volunteer, and social services
Human rights violations directly impact health and health care costs
Poverty, malnutrition, pollution, trafficking, sexual assault, family violence
amendment to the social security act of 1935
concept of health insurance
1930, to ensure payment for medical services in private sector
Amendment SSA
Provides coverage to apprx. 40 million Americans, over age of 65, disabled, end-stage renal disease
part a
provides insurance for hospital care and 100 days in a nursing home
Part b
a private health insurance program, monthly payments
part c
medicare advantage plan
part d
prescription coverage
politics and economic Medicaid
pays for medical assistance for those with low incomes & resources, became law in 1965
Medicaid was funded by
Federal and state governments
Medicaid is largest source of funding for
Medical and health related services for people with limited income
changing health care
Health care reform, Clinton health security act of 1993, universal coverage
Social work roles in schools
working with individuals, family work, group work, organizations and communities, teamwork, school long integrated services
provides a different environment for students having difficulty with standard problems
alternative & charter schools
The santiago sisters
Using a systems perspective presents a case that might look like bad behavior but it is clearly a point where intervention is possible
the Larkin case
The need to work on the environment and the community when it is hostile to assist the client in their ability to participate
two gay brothers
Left out of mainstream because they perceived themselves as “different”
vicarious trauma
challenges, unbelievable issues
least restrictive setting
interfere with normal life patterns and yet provide the most important and most needed services to a given client

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