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To Kill a Mockingbird – Chapter 17

Mr. Heck Tate, the sheriff, is the first person to testify. On the night in question, Mr. Ewell called Tate to the house. When the sheriff got there, he found Ewell’s daughter lying on the floor, badly beaten. She told the sheriff that Tom Robinson had raped and beaten her. […]

La Gran Aventura de Alejandro

How old is Miguel?15 How old is Isabel?16 What was under Alejandro’s bed at home (mexico)?a sandwich For vacation where does the family go first?Madrid Where does the Toledo family stay in Madrid?El Hotel Arosa What street is the Hotel Arosa located?la gran vía What two things did Alejandro forget?ropa […]

Biology Chapter 10 Test

The larger a cell becomes, the more demands it puts on its DNA and the cell has more trouble moving enough nutrients and wastes across the cell membraneWhat are the two main reasons why cells divide rather than grow indefinitely? The series of events that cells go through as they […]

aud – to hear

audiohaving to do with sound audiovisualinvolving both hearing and sight audiometerinstrument for measuring how well you hear audiologythe study of hearing auditoryrelated to hearing audibleable to be heard inaudiblenot able to be heard audiencegroup of people who listen or hear auditoriuma place where people go to listen and watch a […]

Dental Chp 11

dentitionnatural teeth in the dental arch deciudousprimary teeth occlusionnatural contact of the maxillary and mandibular teeth in all positions succedaneous teethpermanent teeth that replace primary teeth anteriorteeth in the front of the mouth maxillaupper jaw mandiblelower jaw quadrantone fourth of the dentition sextantsone sixth of the dentition mesial surfacesurface of […]

Macbeth Acts 4

Witch 2 says, “By the pricking of my thumb, Something wicked this way comes.” Who arrives?Macbeth arrives What is Macbeth’s attitude towards the witches this time?He is demanding, trying to take charge. What four things did the witches show Macbeth? What does each show/say? What isMacbeth’s reaction?They showed him an […]

Chapter 24: Axis and Allies Powers

Turning Back The Axis Advance In Europe* Battle Against U-Boats In Atlantic * Soviets Turn Back Nazis at Stalingrad (Stalingrad is in Russia, named after the Communist Leader Joseph Stalin {1922-1952}) * Allies Drive Germans Out Of North Africa (Morocco to Egypt) * Allies Invade Italy (Sicily Specifically) * Bombers […]

Mastering Astronomy Chapter 1

If we represent the solar system on a scale that allows us to walk from the Sun to Pluto in a few minutes, then:the planets would all be marble size or smaller and the nearest stars would be thousands of miles away. What do astronomers mean by the Big Bang?the […]

Ch.3 Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium

demandA schedule showing the amounts of a good or service that buyers (or a buyer) wish to purchase at various prices during some time period. demand scheduleSame definition as demand. law of demandThe principle that, other things equal, an increase in a product’s price will reduce the quantity of it […]

study for permit test

It is illegal for individuals of the legal drinking age to operate a motor vehicle at a BAC of?0.08% People can better monitor their drinks by?pouring the drink themselves and knowing how much alcohol is in each drink. Which of the following has primary responsibility alcohol from the bloodstream?liver Which […]

Economics – Chapter 3 Assessment

What is a free enterprise system?Another name for capitalism, an economic system based on private ownership of productive resources. What are some of the rights that must be protected for a free enterprise system to work?Right to private property, right to exchange property, open opportunity, legal equality, and free contract. […]

Biology Chapter 2

What is an element?Element is the smallest substance of matter. It can not be broken down into other elements in a chemical reaction. How many naturally occuring elements are there?There are 92 (up to Uranium). Everything afterwards is man made. What is a compound?Compounds are made up of 2 or […]

Hesi COPD with Pneumonia

1.A. Auscultate Breath Sounds 2.A. Pulse Rate of 115 3.C. Respiratory Acidosis 4.D. Ineffective Airway Clearance 5.C. Obtain a sputum culture 6.100 ml per hour 7.Monitor pulse and BP 8.D. Wait at least 1 minute between each puff of the same medication 9.B. “Use the Ventolin inhaler or acute asthma […]

Customer Relationship Management (Chapter 11)

Customer Relationship ManagementBuilding and maintaining profitable long-term customer relationships What to do to maintain the customer relationship..-Focusing on customer requirements -Delivering products and services in a manner resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction How to maintain customer relationships-Talking to customers -Understanding their behavior and their requirements -Building a system […]

Cognitive Psychology: Chapter 1

Cognitive PsychologyThe branch of psychology concerned with the scientific study of the mind. MindThe mind creates and controls mental functions such as perception, attention, memory, emotions, language, deciding, thinking, reasoning, and is a system that creates representations of the world. This first definition reflects the mind’s central role in determining […]

Chapter 2: the economizing problem

Economizing problemthe choices necessitated because society’s economic wants for goods and services are unlimited but the resources available to satisfy these wants are limited (scarce) Utilitya company that performs a public service Economic resourcesthe means through which goods and services are produced Landterritory over which rule or control is exercised […]

Chapter 14: Financial Statement Analysis

Acid-test (quick) ratioA measure of a company’s immediate short-term liquidity; computed by dividing the sum of cash, short-term investments, and net receivables by current liabilities. Asset turnoverA measure of how efficiently a company uses its assets to generate sales; computed by dividing net sales by average assets. Change in accounting […]

AP Psychology Unit 3

dendrites-input fibers that carry electrical signals into a neuron from connected cells. soma (cell body)-control center of neuron -integrates inputs from all dendrites -determines whether neuron should fire or not axon-output fiber carries electrical signal from a neuron to a neighboring cell. -neurons have one each -larger than dendrites -divide […]

classifications of tissues

Lines Body cavities & covers the body’s external surface.Epithelium Pumps blood, flushes urine out of the body,allows one to swing a bat.Muscular Transmits waves of excitation.Nervous Anchors & packages body organs.Connective Cells may absorb, protect, or form a filtering membrane.Epithelium Most involved in regulating body function quickly.Nervous Major function is […]

Tom Walker Study Guide Questions

Where does the story take place?Boston, Massachusetts What is buried under a tree in a thick wooded swamp in this area?Indian skulls and Treasures Who, acording to the legand, is gaurding this buried iteams?The Devil In what year does this story take place?1727 Describe Tom Walker with 3 adjectives?Miserly, simer, […]

chapter 26

Which of the following nerves carry information from the body to the brain via the spinal cord?sensory Common signs and symptoms of a serious head injury include all of the following, EXCEPT:constricted pupils. The frontal and parietal bones of the skull are especially susceptible to:compressed skull fractures. The effectiveness of […]

US History: Spanish-American War and Yellow Journalism

Spanish American War(1898) War fought between the US and Spain in Cuba and the Philippines. It lasted less than 3 months and resulted in Cuba’s “independence” as well as the US annexing Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. It was started in part by the influence of yellow journalism after […]

Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide

AnatomyThe study of the structure or morphology of the body and how the body parts are organized. PhysiologyThe study of the functions of body parts, what they do and how they do it. PathologyThe study of the diseases of the body. Basic reference systems of bodily organizationDirections, planes, cavities, and […]

BUS 404 Janssen FCC

What is the FCC?Federal Communications Commision What does the FCC regulate?interstate and international communications by television, radio, wire, satellite, and cable in the US Is the FCC independent or executive agency?independent Goals of the FCC:promote competition, innovation and investment in broadband services support economy by ensuring appropriate competitive framework encourage […]

Schizophrenia – Positive or Negative Symptoms of

DelusionsPositive (Content of Thought) *False personal beliefs ReligiosityPositive (Content of Thought) *Excessive obsession of religious ideas and behavior ParanoiaPositive (Content of Thought) *Extreme suspiciousness of others Magical ThinkingPositive (Content of Thought) *Believes their thoughts can control situations or people Associative loosenessPositive (Form of Thought) *Speech in which ideas shift from […]

Psych Unit 1

empiricismthe idea that what we know comes from experience and that science should rely on observation and experimentation Wilhelm Wundtcreator of the first psychological laboratory, measured reaction time to hearing a ball drop G. Stanley Hallestablished first formal US psychological laboratory at Johns Hopkins University structuralismintroduced by Edward Bradford Titchener, […]


The dentist is provides_______________ when he or she is physically in the same treatment area overseeing the expanded-function procedure.Direct supervision By using the clock concept, the dental team is following the four _______________ of positioning to practice four-handed dentistry.Operating Zones The dentist provides ______________when he or she is present in […]

5.3 Physics and the Quantum Mechanical Model Vocab

electromagnetic radiationa form of energy that exhibits wavelike behavior as it travels through space. amplitudeThe wave’s height from origin to the crest. wavelengthThe distance between the crests. frequencyThe number of wave cycles to pass a given point per unit of time. hertzThe SI unit of cycles per second. spectrumA broad […]

Chapter 6 (MC)

is the satisfaction or pleasure one gets from consuming itThe utility of a good or service: positive, negative, or zeroMarginal utility can be: negativeMary says, “You would have to pay me $50 to attend that pro wrestling event.” For Mary, the marginal utility of that event is: utilityThe ability of […]

Macbeth act 1 review questions

Where will the witches meet?Upon the health Who will the witches meet?Macbeth When will the witches meet?After the battle is done Who is Duncan?King of Scotland What does Duncan think of Macbeth ?He doesn’t like him. Calls him bloody man Who is Malcolm ?Duncan’s son What two counties are fighting […]