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Chapter 16 – Using Effective Promotions

Promotion MixThe combination of promotional tools an organization uses. The traditional mix includes: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations. Integrated Marketing CommunicationCombines the promotional tools into one comprehensive strategy. IMC is used to, create a positive brand image, meet the needs of consumers, and meet the strategic marketing […]

Psychology 101 Chapter 1-4 Exam

Psychologythe scientific investigation of mental process and behavior Scientific Methodsets of orderly steps used to analyze and solve problems Behavioral Perspectivehow behavior is learned or modified by environmental causes (NURTURE) Behavioral Datareports of observation about the behavior of organisms and the conditions under which the behavior occur Psychodynamic Perspectivebehavior is […]

Ch 2 Chemistry

is a form of potential energyThe energy located in the bonds of food molecules thermal energyHeat is the amount of useful energy decreaseswhenever energy is transformed MechanicalChewing food is what kind of energy? Electrical and radiantvision involves what kind of energy ionan electrically charged atom or group of atoms matteranything […]

First 10 Elements of the Periodic Table

Hydrogen / H / 1 Helium / He / 2 Lithium / Li / 3 Beryllium / Be / 4 Boron / B / 5 Carbon / C / 6 Nitrogen / N / 7 Oxygen / O / 8 Flourine / F / 9 Neon / Ne / 10

Pearl Harbor Attack

What day was Pearl Harbor attacked by the Japanese7-Dec-41 Why did Japan attack Pearl HarborBecause they wanted to prevent the US from attacking Japan,they wanted to continue to take over countries in Southeast Asia, and they wanted to cripple the US Navy What was the reaction of the United States […]

Unit 10: Practice Exam 2 (Investment Company)

*The primary objective of a particular mutual fund is the payment of dividends, regardless of the market’s current state. Capital growth is a secondary objective. Which of the following industry groups would be appropriate for the fund’s portfolio?* A) Consumer appliances. B) Aerospace. C) Computer technology. D) Public utilities.Your answer, […]

Ms. Ringer`s class Fordney Ch13

The federal government financially supports the minimum assistance level of the medically needy aged, and the states must wholly any part of the program that goes beyond the federal minimum.True TEFRA stands for Tax Equity and Financial Reimbursement ActFalse The federal government designs the Medicaid program for each state on […]

science chapter 17

what happens in a nuclear power plantThree pipes circulates and pumps water through the reactor turbine and cooling tower what is an advantage of nuclear energyIt does not create air pollution what do you know about nuclear fussionThat it must take place at a high temperature what is the main […]

Lý Thuyết Thi Lái Xe Ở California đáp án

1. Là phạm luật khi người lái xe 21 tuổi hoặc trên có nồng độ rượu trong máu (BAC) là _____ hoặc cao hơn: a/ 0.08% – Chấm không tám phần trăm b/ 0.10% – Chấm mười phần trăm c/ 0.05% – Chấm không năm phần trămA 2. Quý vị […]

1 – Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetesA multisystem disorder that is polygenic and multifactorial and causes insulin deficiency as a result of beta cell destruction, which deregulates the metabolism and impacts glucose concentration. Type 1 diabetes, PathogenesisA humeral and cell mediated autoimmune response destroying pancreatic beta cells. Type 1 diabetes, Pathogenesis, cellularInsulitis of the […]

APUSH Period 3 (1754-1800)

Abigail Adams(1744-1818) At age 19, Abigail married John Adams. When John Adams became the 2nd president of the United Sates, this made Abigail Adams the 2nd first lady. We have learned about the fight for independence from her letters that she wrote to John Adams. Anti-FederalistsOpponents of the 1787 Constitution, […]

CH 43 NCLEX Style Practice Questions

A nurse is teaching a wellness class and is covering the warning signs of stroke. A patient asks, “What is the most important thing for me to remember?” Which is an appropriate response by the nurse? 1. “Know your family history.” 2. “Keep a list of your medications.” 3. “Be […]

Excel Ch. 1

worksheetAn Excel ________ allows data easily to be summarized and charted. requirementsThe person or persons requesting the worksheet should supply their requirements in a ________ document. understand what is requiredThe first step in creating an effective worksheet is the make sure you ________. cellTo enter data in a cell, you […]

AP US History Ch 14

The first state to secede from the Union in 1860 was A. Alabama. B. South Carolina. C. Georgia. D. Mississippi. E. Virginia.B The Confederate States of America was formed A. before Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated president. B. after eleven Southern states had seceded. C. after Fort Sumter fell to forces […]

Ch. 7 RG Ethnicity

What are the three most numerous ethnicities in the US?Asian American, African American, Hispanic What is the “problem” with the way the US Census Bureau defines “Asian”?multiple Asian countries (where from in Asia) Difference between African American and black.ethnicity vs race How does US Census Bureau consider Hispanic/Latino?ethnicity Where in […]

Glencoe Health Chapter 1 Vocab

healththe combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being wellnessan overall state of well-being, or total health preventionpracticing health and safety habits to remain free of disease and injury health educationthe providing of accurate health information to help people make healthy choices Healthy People 2010a nationwide health promotion and disease prevention […]

37-1 and 37-3

they cannot rely on diffusion to transport waste, oxygen, and nutrientsWhy do large organisms require a circulatory system? blood is contained within a system of vesselsWhat is a closed circulatory system? the heart, a series of blood vessels, blood3 components of the circulatory system: muscleWhat is the heart mostly made […]

Excel Final Exam

The First step in creating an effective workseet is to make sure you __________.Understand what is required In Excel, a number can contain the charaters ________.0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The cell being copied is called the source area (copy area). The range of cells […]

Chapter 12 Biology Test

TransformationOne strain of something (for example, harmless bacteria) has apparently been changed permedently into another (for example, disease causing bacteria) BacteriophagesA kind of virus that infects bacteria, they are composed of DNA and RNA core and a protein coat. Injects genetic information. DNAStrands made of linked nucleotides (monomers) NucleotideNucleotides are […]

Critical Care Nursing – Mechanical Ventilation

Common means of sedation for patient receiving mechanical ventilationMorphine Ativan propofol (“milk of amnesia”) Primary nursing concerns for patient with ET tubeUnplanned (inadvertent) extubation Aspiration Once inserted, what is important for the initial nurse to establish concerning the ET tube?Measurement of the tube (on the tube itself) at a specific […]

CGS ch.5

In which particularly devastating type of DoS attack are multiple unsuspecting computers used to attack multiple computer networks?distributed Which of the following is any event or action that could cause a loss of or damage to computer hardware, software, data, information, or processing capability?digital security risk Internet advertising firms often […]

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop – Level B – Unit 7 – Sentences

perjuryI must warn you once again that if you fail to tell the truth, you may lay yourself open to a charge of _____. nurtureHer parents _____ her musical talents by hiring the finest teachers and taking her to hear the performances of great musicians. presumeI have no way of […]

GI Bill of Rights

The bill provided one year of unemployment pay for veterans unable to find work.The pay helped veterans support themselves and their families. The bill provided financial aid to attend college.Eight million veterans entered or returned to college. The bill entitled veterans to loans for buying homes and starting businesses.There was […]


Current Assetsassets that are expected to be converted to cash or used in the business within a short period of time, usually one year. examples are: cash, short-term investments, receivables, inventories, and prepaid expenses. On the balance sheet they are listed in the order in which the company expects to […]

Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 2

antics(n. pl.) ridiculous and unpredictable behavior or actions avowed(adj., part.) declared openly and without shame, acknowledged banter(v.) to exchange playful remarks, tease; (n.) talk that is playful and teasing bountiful(adj.) giving freely, generous; plentiful, given abundantly congested(adj., part.) overcrowded, filled or occupied to excess detriment(n.) harm or loss; injury, damage; […]

MKT Ch 1

Most accurate statement about small businessSmall businesses are the source of the majority of new jobs in the United States The uncontrollable forces in a marketing decision involving social, economic, technological, competitive and regulatory forces are referred to as:Environmental forces The “4 Ps” of the marketing mix include product, price, […]

Family Life Health Tests

The menstrual cycle is a monthly series of hormone-controlled changes that prepare the ______ for pregnancy.uterine lining the thin, fluid-filled membrane surrounding the embryo.amnion Factors that help people stick to the decisions they have madeprotective factors Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the ______ becomes implanted in the fallopian tube.fertilized egg the […]

Economics voc 1

Economicsthe study of how society manages its scarce resources scarcitylimited/ not enough resources factors of productioninputs used to make products; resources (land, capital, labor, entrepreneur entrepreneurfinancial risk taker who seeks a profit by creating a product that people will buy trade-offall things given up when a decision is made opportunity […]

COMPTIA – Cloud Essentials Certification Practice Questions

With cloud computing services, hardware purchases, software purchases, and IT support are the responsibility of whom? A. Internet service provider B. RraaS provider C. SaaS provider D. Application service providerC.SaaS Provider Which term best describes the ability to rapidly increase user accounts for a given cloud service? A. Volatility B. […]