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C.I.T. 101 Chapter 5 Assessment

Which is NOT an example of a network operating system?Android You are most likely to find an RTOSIn a robotic camera. Which of the following is an example of a web-based OS?Chrome Early operating systems such as MS-DOS used a _____________ interface.Command-driven The OS can optimize RAM storage by usingVirtual […]

World History 52-101 (deleted one)

What happened to the Native Americans at the end of the Indian Wars?Forced to live on reservations What effect did the transcontinental railroad have on the country?The population of the west increased How did the new railroads benefit western cattle ranchers?they could ship goods east Starting in the mid-1800s, hoards […]

Chapter 13 Personal Finance

c28. All of the following are advantages of a mutual fund except A. Diversification. B. Professional management. C. Loads of up to 8.5%. D. Ease of buying and selling shares. E. All of these are advantages. a29. What percentage of all mutual funds are closed-end funds? A. 6% B. 13% […]

chapter 3 section 3.1 SOLIDS LIQUIDS & GASES

3 common states of mattersolid, liquid, gas true or false? the fact that a copper wire can be bent, shows that some solids do not have a definite shapetrue solid*state of matter in which materials have a definite shape and a definite volume *particles are packed tightly together *particles vibrate […]

Music 21-26

a musical idea that acts as a building blockin musical composition, the theme is: literally repeating a melody at the same pitch levelwhich of the following is not a type of thematic development motivesa theme may be fragmented by dividing it into smaller units called: sequencerepeating a motive at a […]

Testout Network Pro 2.4.8

You are building network cables and attaching RJ45 connectors to each end. Which tool do you need for this task?Crimping Tool What tool should you use to extend network services beyond the demarc?Punchdown tool You are making Ethernet drop cables using Cat5e cable and RJ45 connectors. You need to remove […]

Medical Terminology Suffixes Worksheet

acpertaining to agraexcessive pain algiapain apheresisremoval astheniaweakness aseenzyme ateuse astresiaabsence of normal body opening capinaco2 celehernia centesissurgical puncture cidalkilling clastbreak clysisirrigation coccusberry-shaped critto separate cytecell desissurgical removal dromerun dyniadilation ectasispain ectomysurgical removal ectopicdisplacement emesisvomit emiablood condition entperson or agent iaabnormal state esisstate or condition formshaped like genproduving genesisbeginning gramrecord graphprocess […]

BIC 002 Chapter 11-12

Which of the following is the best definition for recombinant DNA?DNA that includes pieces from two different sources Which of these is a genetically modified organism?an organism carrying a gene that was acquired by artificial means Which of the following best defines the term transgenic organism?an organism containing a gene […]

five purposes of government

protectionarmy, FBI, jails, police, nuclear weapons maintenance of public orderlaws such as the driving age and drinking age, jails, courts resolution of social conflictscourts, judges, police, war, impeachment responsibility for a stable economytaxes, fines, banks, stock, IRS, FDIC, American Job Act, prevent trusts provision of public servicepolice, firefighters, nuclear power […]

Lord of the Flies study guide questions

the plane in which they were being transported to safety was shot down.How did the boys end up on the jungle island? Ralph is described as being pale with fair hair in the beginning. He is taller in relationship to Piggy, and thinner as well. He has wide shoulders and […]

AP US History Chapters 1-2

Mission SystemThe mission system was a chain of missions estalbished by Franciscan monks in the Spanish Southwest and California that forced Indians to convert to Catholicism and work as agricultural laborers Pope’s Rebellion (1680)took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Native Americans rebelled and kick out Spanish for 10 years; […]

Network+ Guide to Networks 7th Edition Chapter 2

An IPv6 address consists of how many bits?128 A port number, which identifies an application on a host, exists at what level of the OSI model?Transport What are the last two parts of a host name known as __________.domain name What do the first 24 bits of a MAC address […]

levels of economic Activity

Primaryhaving to do with natural resources ex. Mining, forestry,and fishing secondarythe manufacturing of Natural Resources ex.Steel Mills, automobile assembly, and Sawmills Tertiaryservice industries ex.transportation, and technology services Quaternaryinvolves intellectual activities ex. libraries, government, scientific research, and education infrastructurethe stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of […]

Psychology Midterm Review (Unit 3)

An all or none response pattern is characteristic of the a. initiation of neural impulses. b. release of endorphins into the central nervous system. c. release of hormones into the bloodstream. d. activation of either the sympathetic or parasympathetic. e. excitation of the antagonistic hormonal system.a An undersupply of serotonin […]

Chapter 21 The Lymphatic and Immune System

There are multiple afferent lymphatic vessels and only a single efferent vessel in order toslow the flow of lymph for maximal immune activity. These structures filter lymph fluid that is carried in the lymphatic vessels.lymph nodes Which of the following structures is enclosed within a fibrous capsule? Peyer’s patch, lymph […]

Chapter 1 – CYC1

Which of the following is NOT a service of public accounting firms?Investment services Tax planning includessuggesting actions to reduce tax liability. Which of the following is NOT an area in which accountants usually practice?Industrial Accounting Which of the following is NOT a type of information communicated by the financial statements?How […]


The following activities are rightly considered marketing except:Building a facility to manufacture furniture is part of production, not marketing. In contrast with production, marketing helps make sure that the right goods and services are produced and find their way to consumers. A marketing manager planning to launch a successful new […]

American History Chapter 15 Section 5

Siege-An attempt to capture a place by surrounding it with military forces and cutting it off until the people inside surrender William Tecumseh Sherman-A tough Union General who believed in total war and who advanced towards Atlanta Total War-All-out attacks aimed at destroying an enemy’s army, its resources, and its […]

RN Adult Medical Surgical Online Practice 2013 B

full thickness burns over 70% of body, what should the nurse reportglasgow coma scale 9 OTC for acute kidney failurecalcium carbonate lumbar puncturemaintain the client in a dorsal recumbent position administering RBCsstay with the client during the first 30 minutes of the infusion 4 clients in LTC, which client should […]

Constitution Scavenger Hunt

How often are Representatives to be elected?Every 2 years How old must a Representative be to be elected?25 How long is the term for a senator?6 years How were senators originally chosen? Which amendment changed that?By the legislature, 17th amendment How old does someone have to be to be a […]

The Crucible Act 3 Study Guide

Judge HathorneHe is a judge presiding over the Salem witch trails along with Deputy Governor Danforth. Deputy Governor DanforthHe is the head judge of the Salem witch trials. He thinks he is fair-minded. 1. As this act opens, what accusations does Giles Corey make?Giles Corey accuses that Thomas Putnam has […]


The three types of hazards that make food unsafe arechemical,physical, and biological some baceria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that can’t be seen, tasted, or smelled can cause an illness. these are known aspathogens a foodhandler accidentally spills sanitizer into the fryer grease and then lets it soak in the grease. […]

AP Environmental Science Flashcards

1934 Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act…authorizes the Secretaries of Agriculture and Commerce to provide assistance to and cooperate with Federal and State agencies to protect, rear, stock, and increase the supply of game and fur-bearing animals, as well as to study the effects of domestic sewage, trade wastes, and other […]

Medical Terminology – Chapter 7

AbscessCollection of pus. AcetoneKetone body produced in abnormal amounts in uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, when there is excessive fat breakdown in cells. AlbuminuriaProtein in the urine. Antidiuretic hormonePituitary gland hormone that normally stimulates the kidney to decrease production of urine, preventing excess loss of water. Also called vasopressin. AnuriaSuppression of urine […]

A&P 122 – Ch19 Blood

Plasma is closest in composition tointerstitial fluid The percent fraction of formed elements relative to whole blood is thehematocrit Which of the following is a function of the bloodall of the answers are correct Which of the following statements about blood is falsethe normal pH of blood is 6.8 to […]

MIS chapter 3

skimmerA thief has unfortunately captured your ATM card number by placing a panel o top of the face of an ATM, which was virtually undetectable to you. What is this technology called? offline UPSWhat is another name for a standby UPS? BundleWhich of the following terms would you be looking […]

history chapter 14 checkpoints

What legacy did World War I leave behind?anger and resentment especially in Germany How did Stalin and Mussolini maintain their power?Stalin killed or terrorized his enemies, Mussolini used censorship and fear tactics to keep his people in line How did the Great Depression affect political life in Germany and Japan?Germany-led […]

Chapter 21. EMT

When a woman presents with abdominal pain or other vague symptoms, the EMT is often unable to determine the nature of the problem until he or she:has gathered patient history information. When caring for a female patient who has been sexually assaulted, you should:place any bloodstained clothing or other articles […]

Chapter 16 Respiratory System

When microorgansims are removed from air by ciliated mucus, where and how are they destroyed?Stomach and gastric juice Where te the vocal cords located?Larynx What force causes air to move into the lungs during inspiration?Atmospheric pressure What forces are responsible for normal expiration?Elastic recoil of tissue and surface tension The […]

Vocabulary Workshop Level F unit 2 Choosing the right word

lassitudeMarian Wright Edelman has never succumbed to … but has instead remained a tireless advocate of children’s rights since the 1960s. intrinsicIn stating that “All men are created equal and endowed..with certain inalienable rights,” the Deceleration of Independence proclaims the … value of every human being. occultedThe large trees that […]