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ECON 202 Chapter 1

Sacrificing one good or service to purchase or produce anotherTrade off The concept that “there is no free lunch” reflects the notion thatNothing is “free” Marginal analysis involves the comparison or evaluation ofThe additional cost versus the additional benefit of a decision The need to make choices because economic wants […]

World Religions Finals

In 2003, the ___ church in the United States..Episcopalien French impressionist music such as that of…the sounds and appearance of nature The leader who represented Hinduism at the First World ParliamentSwami Vivekenadna The view of religion as an outdated method forCommunism The desire for a separation of church and state […]

Bio Ch. 55

Consider this segment of a food web: snails and grasshoppers eat paper plants; spiders eat grasshoppers; shrews eat snails and spiders; owls eat shrews. The shrew occupies in the trophic level ofsecondary and tertiary consumers Detritusdead animal, rotting log Primary producerliving maple leaves Primary consumer/decomposerfungus, maggots, cricket Secondary consumermillipede, earthworm […]

Logistics Test 1

The fundamental role of a manager is the finite assignment of _____ to ______resources, tasks The “most efficient frontier” on the TC-CLS graph is the line along whichcosts are at the theoretical minimum for a given level of customer service The desired outcome (focus) of decisions made about supply chain […]

HESI Case Studies-Heart Failure with Atrial Fibrillation (Bert Graham)

1. In addition to these two risk factors, which question will provide the nurse the best data about any additional risk factors for heart failure?“Have you ever had a heart attack?” 2. Which assessment finding would indicate to the nurse that Bert is experiencing right-sided heart failure?Edema 3. Which cardiac […]

Nutrition 4

When whole grains are refined, what part of the gran remains in the refined product?endosperm Compared to products made with whole grains, refined grain products __ fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.are lower in People who follow a gluten-free diet cannot consume whole grains.false Which of the sandwiches has the […]

Fahrenheit 451 Vocabulary and Page Number

Stolidshowing little or no emotion; not easily excited or upset Page 3 Refractedto make light change direction when it goes through an angle Page 11 Imperceptiblyimpossible to see or notice Page 11 Pulverizedto crush, beat ground into powder or dust Page 14 Melancholysad mood or feeling Page 61 Capillaryresembling a […]


What does DNA code for?proteins What are proteins made up of ?Long chains of amino acids What are the nitrogenous bases found in DNA?Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, and Cytosine What is the backbone of DNA made up of?Deoxyribose and Phosphate What do the rungs of DNA consist of?nitrogenous bases What is […]

Major Depression Case Study

Meet the client:Joan Miller, a 52-year-old sales representative, presents to the community mental health clinic. Joan is divorced with no children. Her position responsibilities include significant traveling. She was working in Manhattan on 9/11 and witnessed the collapse of the World Trade Center. Joan’s medical history includes hypothyroidism and depression. […]

Medical Terminology

MouthStomato TeethDento; Odonto TongueGlosso; Linguo LipsCheilo GumsGingivo EsophagusEsophago StomachGastro Small IntestineEntero DuodenumDuodeno JejunumJejuno IliumIleo Large IntestineColo Sigmoid ColonSigmoido RectumRecto Anus and RectumProcto LiverHepato GallbladderCholecysto PancreasPancreato -ostomyForming new opening StomatitisInflammation of the mouth StomatoplastySurgical repair of the mouth StomatalgiaPain in the mouth StomatorrhagiaHemorrhage of the mouth StomatomycosisCondition of mouth fungus StomatopathyAny […]

Physical Inventory Count

What part should the auditor play in planning the physical inventory?The auditors should review the client’s planning and make suggestions for improvement Describe the procedures performed by the auditors during their observation of a client’s physical inventory.1. evaluate whether the inventory procedures are followed that assure that all items are […]

AP BIO Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels

Negative FeedbackA loop in which the response reduces the initial stimulus (decreases hormone signaling) Set point for blood glucoseAt or very near 90ml/100ml GlucoseMajor fuel for cellular respiration and a key source of carbon skeletons for biosynthesis. Regulators of glucose concentration in bloodInsulin and Glucagon Insulin-When released it triggers uptake […]

Economics Unit 1

Ways people obtain their wants with limited resources1. Economics is best defined as a study of the You start a web design company using your own equipment and serve local businesses2. Which situation best illustrates all three of the basic economic questions? What to produce3. Production of a new brand […]

Americans at War

Winston Churchill’s reaction to the 1938 Munich Agreement wasto warn Neville Chamberlain that war was inevitable. Japanese aggression toward China and Russia in the 1930s is most closely related to the concept ofLebensraum. At the time of Hitler’s 1939 invasion of Poland, the US had a policy ofneutrality. What prompted […]

Julius Caesar Act IV Scene i-iii

What do Antony, Octavius and Lepidus make a list of?People that must die Under what condition did Lepidus say that he’d allow his brother to be killed?If Antony killed his nephew too What does Lepidus have to do?Find Caesar’s will Why do they need the will?To reduce Caesar’s bequests What […]

HESI CASE STUDY – COPD with Pneumonia

Which assessment is most important for the nurse to complete next?Auscultate breath sounds Which assessment finding supports Mr. Johnson’s diagnosis of pneumonia?Pulse rate of 115 Based on these ABG results, which acid base imabalance is Mr. Johnson experiencing?Respiratory acidosis Which nursing diagnosis has the highest priority when planning care for […]

transcription and translation

transcriptionRNA is produced from DNA RNAribonucleic acid 1 nucleotide strand, ribose, AUcomponents of RNA 2 nucleotide strand, deoxyribose, ATcomponents of DNA 3 forms of RNAmRNA, tRNA, rRNA mRNAtransmits information from the DNA; pattern for assembling AA TRNAcarries AA through cytoplasm to the ribosomes rRNAcombines with proteins to form ribosomes to […]

Biology Section 3.2 Energy, Producers, and Consumers

AutotrophCapture energy from sunlight or chemicals and convert it into forms that living cells can use. Primary ProducersThey are the first producers are the first producers of energy-rich compounds that are later used by other organisms PhotosynthesisCaptures light energy and uses it to power chemical reactions that convert carbon dioxide […]

IBA 1.08

You and other parents are attending Back To School Night at your son’s school. During his presentation about this year’s curriculum and goals, your son’s teacher talks about the dangers of the Internet. Which of the following should he include in his recommendations to the parents?Urge the parents to warn […]

Macbeth act 1 quiz review

What does “fair is foul, and foul is fair” meanGood things can do bad and bad things can do good Who is duncan and how is he related to malcolm and donalbainKing of scotland; dad of malcolm and donalbain What did macbeth do while in battleHe cuts open Macdowald and […]

Biology Chapter 10 Review Sheet

Why cells divide– Small cells have a higher surface area to volume ratio than larger cells. This means more material can pass through the cell membrane. – DNA overload Chromosome is made of?Chromosomes are made of protein and DNA wound and bundled together (condensed DNA). Chromosomes functionDNA is condensed so […]

Economic Systems and Decision Making

Economic systemAn organized way of providing for the wants and need of a society Traditional economyEconomic system in which basic economic activity stems from ritual, habit, or custom Command economyEconomic system in which basic economic decisions are made by a central authority Market economyEconomic system in which basic economic decisions […]

Cystic Fibrosis Case Study

Which statement by the mother supports the diagnosis of CFWhen i kiss my daughter, her skin tastes like salt which documentation further supports the diagnosis of CF-a hx of frequent respiratory infection -parents report foul-smelling stools that have white streaks and are sticky what information will the nurse include when […]

Chapter 3 Economics

profit motiveforce that encourages people and organizations to improve their material well-being open opportunityconcept that everyone can compete in the marketplace legal equalitythe concept of giving everyone the same legal rights private property rightsthe concept that people have the right and privilege to control their possessions as they wish free […]

The different types of PR programs

Media RelationsThe area that focuses on developing media contacts (knowing who in the media might be interested in the organizations story Employee Relations1)Programs that communicate information to employees 2)Internal marketing is similar. It focuses on informing employees about marketing programs and encouraging their support Financial Relations1)All communication efforts aimed at […]

Using verbal messages effectively

Which of the following reflects the third step of effective communication? a. Kyle is practicing his Spanish on his friend. b. Pearl is listening to country music for the first time. c. Erin is giving a lecture on heart disease, in which she is using medical terms, to a classroom […]

Accounting Chapter 9 Study Guide

True or False: Unlike a proprietorship, a corporation exists independent of its ownersTrue True or False: A corporation can incur liabilities but cannot own propertyFalse True or False: As in proprietorship, information in a corporation’s accounting system is kept separate from the personal records of the owners, and this account […]

Microeconomics Production and Cost

Economic cost can best be defined as…compensations that must be received by resource owners to insure their continued supply Which of the following constitutes an implicit cost to the Johnston Manufacturing Company?depreciation charges on company-owned equipment Which of the following is most likely to be an implicit cost for Company […]

Chapter 08 Joints of the Skeletal System

Joints A. bind bones. B. allow bones to grow. C. enable body parts to move. D. often contain cartilage. E. all of the aboveall of the above Joints are also called A. annotations. B. articulations. C. periosteum. D. ligaments. E. medullary cavities.articulations. Classifying joints as synarthrotic, amphiarthrotic, or diarthrotic represents […]

Chapter 4 Physical Development in Infancy and Toddlerhood

Skeletal AgeBest way of estimating a child’s physical maturity, is to measure this way, it’s a measure of bone development Cephalocaudal TrendLatin for “head to tail” Proximodistal TrendGrowth proceeds, literally, from “near to far”–from the center of the body outward NeuronsNerve cells that store and transmit information SynapsesBetween neurons are […]