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Diffusion Through a Membrane Lab

What is the best explanation for the color change that occurred inside the “cell”?The iodine diffused into the “cell” and changed the starch to blue-black. Did any starch diffuse out of the “cell”? Explain how you can tell.No. The iodine didn’t change color to blue-black. Did any glucose diffuse out […]

My Favorite Chaperone Plot Diagram

ExpositionMaya receives a permission slip in class for the Spring Fling Rising Action 1Nurzhan gets in a fight Rising Action 2Maya gets in trouble for toying with Daniel Rising Action 3Maya’s mom falls and and Maya fills in for her ClimaxNurzhan convinces their parents to let Maya go to the […]


Which of the following correctly states the relationship between anabolic and catabolic pathways? 1) Degradation of organic molecules by anabolic pathways provides the energy to drive catabolic pathways. 2) Energy derived from catabolic pathways is used to drive the breakdown of organic molecules in anabolic pathways. 3) Anabolic pathways synthesize […]

Biology Chapter 4

cell theoryThe theory that all living things are composed of cells and that all cells come from other cells. cell wallA protective layer external to the plasma membrane in plant cells, bacteria, fungi, and some protists; protects the cell and helps maintain its shape. cellular metabolismThe chemical activities of cells. […]

Accounting and Business CGHS

A formal report that shows what an individual owns, what an individual owes, and the difference between the two.Net Worth Statement Planning, recording, analyzing, and interpreting financial information.Accounting An equation showing the relationship among assets, liabilities, and owners equity.Accounting Equation A business activity that changes the assets , liabilities, or […]

The Odyssey Study Guide

Who wrote the Odyssey?Blind poet, Homer. In what year was the Odyssey composed?700 B.C.E. How long did it take Odysseus to complete his journey back to Ithaca?It took him 20 years; 10 years fighting in the Trojan War and 10 years finding his way back home due to his mishaps […]

Ch. 19 – Income Taxes

21. Taxable income of a corporation a. differs from accounting income due to differences in intraperiod allocation between the two methods of income determination. b. differs from accounting income due to differences in interperiod allocation and permanent differences between the two methods of income determination. c. is based on generally […]

Campbell Chapter 27: Mastering Biology Questions

Bioremediation is _____the use of organisms to remove pollutants from the environment Which statement about endotoxins is true?Endotoxins are released only when bacteria die and their cell walls break down An ecological relationship between organisms of different species that are in direct contact can best be described as _____symbiotic Which […]

MISY TIA Chapter 4

All of the following are examples of database software EXCEPTOneNote Presentation software includes all of the following features EXCEPTformulas The appropriate software to use for creating research paper isword processing software Software helps you manage email, contacts, calendars, and tasks in one placePersonal Information manager Software refers to a set […]


Economists normally assume that the goal of a firm is to (i) sell as much of its product as possible. (ii) set the price of the product as high as possible. (iii) maximize profit. a. (i) and (ii) only b. (ii) and (iii) only c. (iii) only d. (i), (ii), […]

"William Shakespeare: A Life of Drama" Movie Questions

During what time period did Shakespeare live?Elizabethan Era Who was the Queen of England while Shakespeare wrote?Queen Elizabeth I When and where was Shakespeare born?April of 1564 in Stratford, England What disease was rampant in Stratford-upon-Avon?The Bubonic Plague (Black Death) What happened to his siblings?His 2 elder sisters died as […]

Chem Lab: Determining the Percent Water in an Unknown Hydrate

purpose of experimentdetermine the percent water in an unknown hydrate hydratesolid ionic compound that contains weakly bound water molecules in its crystalline structure water(s) of hydrationthe weakly bound water molecules in a hydrate how are the waters of hydration included in the chemical formula?connected to the rest of the formula […]

chapter 2 medical assistant

truean occupational therapist works to help patients regain function and improve quality of life falsechiropractors treat only bone and joint disorders truephysicians assistants are allowed to write prescriptions in most states falseparamedics are usually supervised by MT’s truea standard is an item or indicator that is used as a measure […]

key terms/properties of atoms and the periodic table

atomic mass unitapproxomintly 1.67 x 10 -24g mass numberthe sum of the number of neutrons and protons in an atoms nucleus electron cloudA region around the nucleus of an atom where electrons are likely to be found nucleuspositively charged center of an atom groupA vertical column on the periodic table […]


escarpmentsteep cliff or slope between a higher and lower land surface cataracta large waterfall rift valleya valley with steep sides faultscracks in the earth’s crust deltaa low triangular area where a river divides before entering a larger body of water estuarythe area where a freshwater stream or river merges with […]

Illinois Constitution Study Guide

Name the Capitols of Illinois.(1)Kaskaskia, (2)Vandalia, (3)Springfield Name the dates of the Illinois Constitutions.1818, 1848, 1870, 1971 What year did Illinois become a State?1818 What is the North geographic boundary of Illinois?Wisconsin What are the South geographic boundaries of Illinois?Kentucky and Ohio river What are the East geographic boundaries of […]

Guided Reading 5-3

Franking PrivilegeThe special right members of Congress have to send job-related mail without paying postage LobbyistA person hired to influence government decisions DraftTo make a rough version or outline EstimateTo judge the approximate value or amount of a thing CaseworkThe work of helping people deal with the federal government Pork-barrel […]

Health Mod 5

Events, situations, or surroundings that make a demand on the body are known as:stressors This hormone is released during the “fight or flight” reaction period.adrenaline Stress that relates directly to a particular incident or situation is known as:episodic This stress is associated with long-term problems.chronic The automatic and instant response […]

QMB chapter 12

A major challenge in inventory management is to maintain a balance between inventory investment and customer service.True (Introduction, easy) Which item to order and with which supplier the order should be placed are the two fundamental issues in inventory management.False (Introduction, moderate) One function of inventory is to take advantage […]

Medical Terminology Chapter 6

Antiagainst Carcincancerous immunimmune, protection, safe lymphlymph,lymphatic tissue lymphadenlymph node or gland lymphangilymph vessel neonew, strange omatumor, neoplasm onctumor phageat, swallow plasmformative material of cells sarcflesh, connective tissue splenspleen ticpertaining to toxpoison, poisonous spirochetesbacteria capable of movement streptococcichain-forming bacteria staphylococcicluster-forming bacteria viruseslive only by invading cells parasiteslive within other organisms spleenan […]

Crime scene search methods

point to pointMovement following a chain of objectives which are obvious evidence spiral searchcarried out by a single person involves the searcher walking in a circular fashion from the outer point of the crime scene towards the central point DO NOT START IN CENTRE AS EVIDENCE MAY BE DESTROYED zone […]

Economy chapter 2

Each society answers the 3 basic economic questions based on ?It’s unique combination of values and goals. To improve it’s standard of living, a nations Economy must?Grow through innovation Traditional economics are usually ?Small, close communities that avoid change and new technology How does a society determine who will get […]

H.Rome Review

The people of the Roman town of Pompeii were killed byA volcano The Great Roman epic, the Aeneid, was written byVirgil The accurate histories of Roma, Annals and the Histories, were writtne byTacitus The family of languages that developed from Latin are calledRomance Languages The design of the Roman aqueducts […]

Econ Unit 1

MicroeconomicsMicroeconomics: approaches study of economics from the viewpoint of individual households and firms Macroeconomicsapproaches the study of economics from the viewpoint of the economy as a whole (households, firms, government, the rest of the world) scarcityA situation in which unlimited wants exceed the limited resources available to fulfill those wants […]

Major Depressive Disorder HESI Case Study

suicidal ideation symptoms of anxiety increasing symptoms of depression tell me more about your anxiety severe Plan for harming yourself? Tell me more about your chest pain Stating sources for present anxiety -anxiety related to maturational crisis -situational low self-esteem -powerlessness what does being 52 mean to you? measure anxiety […]

RA Interview Qs

Of all of the co-curricular activities of which you are involved, what one do you like the most? What do you like about it?Reflecting back on my high school and community college experience, the activity which I liked most was being the leader of the International Club because that’s where […]

HWH Ch. 16 Sec. 1 Questions

How did the early Maya make use of their physical environment?They relied on land for farming, trees and plants for building, and forest animals for food. Why is Maya civilization not considered an empire?No single ruler united the many city-states into one emire. What groups made up the different classes […]

The Crucible Act II Review Questions

Elizabeth Proctorfinds a rabbit in the corner John Proctorhas an affair with Abigail Reverend HaleCame from Beverly to help with the witch issues TitubaParris slave Mary Warrenworks for the Proctors, is an official of the court, and gave Elizabeth a poppet Abigail Williamsboss of younger girls, had an affair with […]

Double L Spanish Words

LlorarTo cry LlamarTo call LloverTo rain LlevarTo take To wear To carry LlegarTo arrive LlenarTo fill LlaveKey LlantoCrying Tears Llamada (local)(Local) Call Llamada de atenciónWarning

ACC 270 Chapter 11

Cloud ComputingReplacing computing resources with services provided over the internet Software as a Service (SaaS)A form of cloud computing where a firm subscribes to a third party software and receives a service that is delivered online. – You do not need to own the program or install if on your […]