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Myers, Exploring Psychology 9e Ch.11 Quizzes

1. One person, alone in a house, dismisses its creaking sounds and experiences no stress; someone else suspects an intruder and becomes alarmed. These different reactions illustrate the importance of a. the faith factor. b. stress appraisal. c. biofeedback. d. the general adaptation syndrome.b 2. The fight-or-flight response is associated […]

America the Story of US-Division Video Questions/Answers

1.What turns the north in an economic power house? Who is the man behind it?A. Canal B. Dewitt Clinton 2.What are two Economic effects of the Erie Canal?A. Transportation B. Trade 3.What three things work together to make the southern economy?A. Cotton B. Cotton gin C. Slaves 4.How are the […]

Chapter 4: Atomic Structure

atomthe smallest particle of an element that retains its identity in a chemical reaction DemocritusGreek philosopher who first suggested the idea of an atom, an indivisible particle. He called it ‘atomos’ but decided that he would not do any experiments and stick with his title as ‘philosopher’ and only _think_ […]

Chapter 48: General Dentistry

restorative dentistry is often referred to asoperative dentistry another term for decay iscavity the process of removing decay is known ascavity preparation which wall of the cavity preparation is perpendicular to the long axis of the toothpulpal floor where would you find a class I restoration in the mouthocclusal surface, […]

Biology Study notes

Most human adults are lactose intolerant. People with lactose intolerance produce insufficient amounts of _______.the enzyme lactase-Lactase breaks down lactose to smaller sugars that can be digested. The large diversity of biological molecules depends on atoms of the element _______. This element can make stable bonds to itself and to […]

wave review worksheet

crestthe highest point of a transverse wave compressionthe area in a longitudinal wave where the particles are close together energythe ability to move or change an object, or what a wave carries mechanical wavea wave that is caused when energy causes a vibration thru a medium transverse wavetype of mechanical […]

Lifeguard Written Test

The primary responsibility of a lifeguard is to ensure _____________ _____________ and to protect ____________________.patron safety and protect lives In what ways should a professional lifeguard be prepared for his or her job?Knowledgeable and skilled , reliable, mature, courteous and consistent, positive, professional What different environments employ lifeguards?lakes, beaches, coves, […]

PA State Inspection Mechanic Practice Test

When should auxiliary driving lights be lit?Only when high-beams are lit. When should flood lights be lit?Only when low-beams are lit. How is the critical area of the windshield defined?The area cleaned by the windshield wipers. How is the acute area of the windshield defined?The area in the driver’s normal […]

Romeo & Juliet: Act IV Study Questions

S1-Why is Friar Laurence reluctant to marry Paris to Juliet?Friar Lawrence is concerned because Paris does not “know the mind” of Juliet. In other words, Paris doesn’t know if she wants to get married to him. S1-How does Paris explain the sudden haste of the marriage plans?Paris explains that it […]

Of Mice and Men Chapter 3 Questions

According to George, what happens to ranch hands that travel alone?They get mean and they don’t have any fun. After awhile they get wanting to fight all the time. According to George, how did he end up traveling with Lennie?George says that he and Lennie are both from Auburn and […]

Ammo 64

What is the Purpose of the TAMIS Training AmmunitionsForecast Report(TAFR)?Specify yearly training ammunition needs for each unit Which units are allowed to pick up ammunition?SGT E5 and above. What is the purpose of DA Form 1687?Authorize specified individuals to request and/or receive ammunition. What is the information on DA 581 […]


chemistrythe study of matter and the changes it undergoes matteraything that has mass and occupies space organic chemistry- study of chemicals containing matter. inorganic chemistry- study of chemicals that do not contain carbon. biochemistry- study of processes that take place inside organisms. analytical chemistry- focuses on the composition of matter. […]

California Hunter Safety – Unit 2 Quiz

Which part of the firearm loads, fires, and ejects shells or cartridges? stock action barrel triggeraction What are the basic parts of ammunition? case, primer, powder, and projectile case, powder, wad, and slug case, powder, projectile, and wad case, powder, projectile, and shotcase, primer, powder, and projectile What is the […]

BA 215 Ch1

Describe the types and forms of businesses, how businesses make money, and business stakeholders.The three types of businesses operated for profit include manufacturing, merchandising, and service businesses. Such businesses may be organized as proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. A business may make profits by gaining an advantage over […]

APES Chapter 3 Review

communitymany interacting species that live in the same area ecosystemsCommunities and the abiotic material with which their members interact habitatSpecific environment in which an organism lives population densityNumber of individuals within a population per unit area environmental resistanceStabilizes a population at its carrying capacity endemicSpecies occurring in only one area […]

Nutrition Ch. 5

Triglyceridesmost common type of lipid found in food and the body Fatty acidssimplest form of lipids, chain of carbons bonded together and flanked by hydrogens Saturated fatty acidsno double bonds, and solid at room temperature- Mostly animal fats Fatty acids can besaturated or unsaturated Unsaturated fatty acidsone or more double […]

Gov. Chapter 2, Origins of American Government

limited governmentgovernment is restricted in what it may do, and each individual has certain rights that government cannot take away representative governmentgovernment serves the will of the people and people get a say in how government works Magna CartaThe Great Charter. Signed by King John at Runnymede in 1215. First […]

Chapter 5 Med Term Exercise Quiz

IleumThird part of the small intestine. PancreasOrgan under the stomach; produces insulin and enzymes. CecumFirst part of the large intestine. GallbladderSmall sac under the liver;stores bile. EsophagusTube connecting the throat to the stomach. ColonLarge intestine. DuodenumFirst part of the small intestine. PharynxThroat HepatomegalyEnlargement of the liver. EtiologyStudy of the cause […]

Tech Chapter 1

social networkingA means by which people use the Internet to communicate and share information among their immediate friends and to meet and connect with others through common interests, experiences, and friends. crisis-mapping toolthe tool that collects information from e-mails, text messages, blog posts, and Twitter tweets and maps them, making […]

Annual DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Exam

It is getting late on Friday. You are reviewing your employees annual self evaluation. Your comments are due on Monday. You can email your employees information to yourself so you can work on it this weekend and go home now. Which method would be the BEST way to send this […]

6 EverFi Financing Higher Education Module

Earning PotentialThe more money you invest in higher education = higher pay in the workforce ScholarshipsStudents must apply for these funds and they do not have to be repaid. Awards are based on merit, financial need and/or combination of the two. FAFSAFree Application for Federal Sudent Aid – Main form […]

Electronic Health Record chapter 1

1) Of the following, which is not an application of an EHR system?capture of insurance policy number Dr. Evans’ office has computerized the following functions: appointment scheduling, charge capture, collections, and reporting. These are all found in which type of software?practice managment ) Christine Simmons arrived for her appointment with […]

Personal Fitness: 1.1 The Importance of Fitness

Fitness:a combination of physiological, psychological, and sociological factors. There are also two important parts of a sound, physical fitness program: the health-related part and the skill-related part. Blood pressure:the force of the blood pushing against the walls of the arteries. Health-related factors:cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body […]

science midterms

What are psychical changes?any change that alters the for or appearance of matter but doesn’t make any substances in the matter into different subs? What is an example of a psychical change?sand artist may change a formless pile of sand into work of art What is a chemical change?a change […]

HESI Case Studies–Obstetric/Maternity-Gestational Diabetes (Amanda Garrison)

1. How should the nurse record Amanda’s obstetrical history using the G-T-P-A-L designation?4-1-1-1-3 2. The nurse recognizes that what information in the client’s history supports a diagnosis of gestational diabetes?Youngest child weighed 4300 grams at 39 weeks’ gestation 3. Amanda asks if there are any special instructions for the test […]

Chemistry semester 1 course review

What rules must be obeyed to safely conduct an experiment-conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory -Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully. If you do not understand a direction or part of a procedure, ask the instructor before proceeding. -Never work alone. No student […]

Natural Resources

Natural ResourcesAny natural material that is used by humans They’re all natural resources.What do the water you drink, the paper you write on, and the air you breathe have in common? PlasticsWhich are NOT a natural resource? Minerals, forests, & petroleumWhich are examples of natural resource? The sun’s energyWhere does […]

Chapter 1 – Section 2 / Forms of government

In a democracy sovereign power is held by?The people In a dictatorship sovereign power is held by?One person/Self-appointment In a democracy, those who rule are responsible to?Please the people’s rights In a dictatorship, those who rule are responsible to?Care for themselves In a democracy, power is gained by?The people (voting) […]


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Natural Killer (NK) cells? -NK cells attack transplanted organs. -NK cells attack infected or cancerous cells. – NK cells recognize abnormal or cancer cells by a specific antigen on their cell membrane. – NK cells induce the target cell to undergo […]

Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 11 Choosing the Right Word

mediateOne of the cheif functions of the United nations is to ____________ disputes between member nations. outlandishIf you believe a story as __________ as that, I think you would belive anything! regaleOur neighbor came over to ________ us with all the gossip that we had missed during our trip. taintedThough […]