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AP Gov: Chapter 6 Vocab (Public Opinion and Political Action)

public opinionThe distribution of the population’s beliefs about politics and policy issues demographyThe science of political change censusA valuable tool for understanding demographic changes melting potThe melting of cultures, ideas, and peoples that has changed the American nation. minority majorityThe emergence of a Non-Caucasian majority, as compared with a White […]

Out of my Mind Book: All Character Descriptions

MelodyA 12 year old girl who has cerebral palsy. She can’t walk, talk or write. She rides a pink wheelchair (got it in 5th grade) and is very smart. PennyMelody’s obnoxious yet loving sister. CarlA nine year old in H-5 who needs a diaper yet is good with his hands. […]

Lord of the Flies – Chapter 7

What does Ralph long for?About how dirty his clothes are, how torn they are, how long his hair is, etc. He really wants to take a bath. What distracts the boys from the search for the Beast?“Castle Rock” What does Ralph daydream about?About going home to a nice warm, clean […]

Ch 15 Translation: Vehicle Spotting

Dum raeda in fossa manebatWhile the carriage was remaining in the ditch Marcus et Sextus vehicula exspectabantMarcus and Sextus were looking out for vehicles Longum erat silentiumLong was the silence Diu nullum vehiculum apparetFor a long time, no vehicle appears Tandem Marcus murmur rotarum audit et procul nubem pulveris conspicitAt […]

French numbers (1-10)

unone deuxtwo troisthree quatrefour cinqfive sixsix septseven huiteight neufnine dixten

Organ Systems

Skeletal SystemThe bodily system that consists of the bones, their associated cartilages, and the joints, and supports and protects the body, produces blood cells, and stores minerals. Muscular SystemThe bodily system that is composed of skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscle tissue and functions in movement of the body or of […]

Anatomy and Physiology, chapter 1

Anatomystudy of structure and shape of body parts and their relationship to one another PhysiologyStudy of how the body and its body parts work and function Relationship between Anatomy and Physiologystructure determines what function can occur, What occurs if the structure of a body part changes ?The function changes The […]

Chapter 12: Patterns of Heredity and Human Genetics.

Trait:Any characteristic that is inherited. Pedigree:A graphic representation of genetic inheritance. Carrier:A heterozygous individual that ” carries” a trait in its genetic code isn’t necessarily affected by it. Fetus:A developing baby inside its mother’s womb. Allele:An alternative form of a gene. Incomplete Dominance:Pattern in which the phenotype of heterozygous individuals […]

Chapter 6, Section 3

15th AmendmentRatified in 1870, it states that no citizen can be denied suffrage based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Intended to enfranchise African American men, was not enforced for 100 years. Civil Rights Act of 1957Set up the US Civil Rights commission and gave the attorney general […]

Ch 11: Behind the Scenes: Databases and Information Systems

data redundancy.Two lists showing the same data about the same person is an example of a. data redundancy. b. data inconsistency. c. data disparity. d. data irregularity. Databases are easier to build and maintain than lists.Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using databases instead of lists? a. […]

Real Estate Practice Exam Questions

1. Brokerage definition…the business practice of bringing together the parties in a practice. 2. What are two examples of special use property?schools and cemetary 3. What is an example of functional obsolescence?bathroom 4. Principal definition…a consumer of real estate services who has entered into an agency relationship with a broker […]

Chapter 6 Section 2

Enlightenment18th century movement led by French intellectuals who advocated reason as the universal source of knowledge and truth social contractAn agreement between the people and their government signifying their consent to be governed John Locke17th century English philosopher who opposed the Divine Right of Kings and who asserted that people […]

Gateway drugs

what does it mean that “alcohol is a depressant”?slows the central nervous system. alcohol blocks some messages to the brain while altering a person’s perceptions, emotions, movement, vision and hearing. why is alcohol the #1 drug problem?its socially acceptable(for adults) it doesn’t cost much and many households have alcohol content […]

Chapter 1 – History and Career Opportunities

Archeological studies reveal that early forms of haircutting and hairstyling were practiced in some form during the?Ice Age The process of steam distillation was refined by:A persian physician and alchemist named Avicenna refined the process of steam distillation around AD 1000 During the golden age of Greece, women ground cinnabar […]

Connect Core Concepts in Health – (14th Edition) – Chapter 1

HealthThe overall condition of the body or mind and the presence or absence of illness or injury WellnessOptimal health and vitality, encompassing all the dimensions of well-being Factors that affect healthInfluenced by factors beyond your control – such as genes, age, and family history Factors that affect wellnessInfluenced by the […]

American Sign Language

S T U V W X Y Z M N O P Q R G H I J K L A B C D E F afternoon all day all night before buy call me college cookie day die doctor drink fine finish future grow up homework hour improve institute […]


According to Chapter One, all of the following are attributes needed to communicate successfully with people from different cultures exceptfriendliness Psychologist Abraham Maslow suggests that the most basic human needsmust be satisfied before we concern ourselves with other ones. All of the following elements are included in the transactional communication […]

Electric Charge

Static electricitythe net accumulation of electric charges on a object What is a large discharge of static electricity?lightning What charges attract?opposites what charges repel?like electric fieldAn area surrounding an electron that exerts a force on anything nearby with an electric charge when is the electric field strong and when is […]

BISC 002 Chapter 6

1) A difference between marathon runners and sprinters is ______. A) marathon runners have more slow-twitch fibers in their leg muscles B) marathon runners have more fast-twitch muscle fibers in their leg muscles C) sprinters have a high proportion of muscle fibers that require oxygen to make ATP D) sprinters […]

Chapter 1: History of Psychology

psychologythe scientific study of mind and behavior mindprivate inner experience; stream of consciousness made up of perceptions, thoughts, memories, and feelings behaviorobservable actions of human beings and nonhuman animals nativismPlato believed in _______ nativismcertain kinds of knowledge are innate or inborn (nature) natureour biological endowment, especially the genes we receive […]

CWV – Unit 3

Summarize Isaiah 59:1-2.• God can save everyone and hears everyone • Failure separates us from God, and He can’t hear us Judges 21:25, “in those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (ESV). What does this refrain indicate about the spiritual […]

Nutrition Ch. 6

d1. What element is found in proteins but NOT in carbohydrates and fats? a. Carbon b. Oxygen c. Calcium d. Nitrogen c2. In comparison to the composition of carbohydrates and fats, which element found in proteins makes them unique? a. Carbon b. Oxygen c. Nitrogen d. Hydrogen a3. Which of […]

ACC 311

Companies recognize revenue only when A. A contract is reasonably likely to exist B. A performance obligation is designated in a written contract C. A written contract is in place and payment is variable D. Control over goods or services has been transferred from the seller to the customerD. Control […]

Business Structure

What happens to earnings in a cooperative?They are shared with member owners. Which are examples of sole proprietorships? Check all that apply.3.5.6 Which best describes the difference between sole proprietorships and partnerships?Sole proprietors keep all profits and have unlimited liability, while partners split profits and share liabilities. How do corporations […]

Repaso Complete this grammar review.

mi hermano y yonosotros tu amigo y túvosotros el profesorél mis compañeros de claseellos unos chicos y unas chicasellos Marisa y Felipeson Tus amigos y túson Yosoy Mi computadoraes Los chicos de mi clase y yosomos

Health and the Environment

Capable of destroying by a chemical actioncorrosive Derived from plants or animalsorganic Tiny particle that can be dispersed in a gasparticulate Your environment consists of all the living and non-living things that surround and support youTrue The ? consists of a mixture of gases and particles, including oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, […]

Chapter 3: The Constitution

popular sovereigntypolitical power is with the people limited governmentno government is all powerful constitutionalismgovernment must be conducted according to constitutional principles rule of lawgovernment and its officers are always subject to and never above the law separation of powersbasic powers are distributed among three distinct and independent branches of the […]

gov ch 4

A federal order requiring a state to provide a servicemandate An organization that keeps law-makers in touch with local politiciansNGA Civil Laws passed by state legislatures are calledPublic Acts The national governments control of immigration is an example ofinherent powers Affects criminals who flee a state to avoid punishmentextradite Constitutional […]


Why was the outcome of the Battle of Britain important for the Allies?The Battle of Britain marked a turning point. Its outcome ensured the survival of an independent Britain. What does the fact that German armies were not prepared for the Russian winter indicate about Hitler’s expectations for the Soviet […]

Biology Chapter 1

BiologyThe scietifice study of life. Seven properties associated with lifeorder, reproduction, growth and development, energy processing, response to the environment, regulation, evloutionary adaption. BiosphereAll of the environments on Earth that support life. EcosystemAn environment that consists of all the organisms living in a particular area, as well as the physcial […]