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Alcoholism Case Study

Meet the client:Nick Davis, a 42-year-old, is accompanied to the emergency room by the police who found him standing on a bridge and threatening to jump. He planned to jump off the bridge because his girlfriend moved out on him and he lost his job as a cook several days […]

Voter Behavior

What type of election years have the highest voter turnout?Presidential Election Years. What is “ballot fatigue”?Voters loose their patients and/or knowlege as they work their way down the ballot. What is the largest group of “cannot-voters”?Resident Aliens. Why do some nonvoters deliberately choose to not vote?They think that their votes […]

Ch. 11 Organic Compounds

What is the IUPAC name for this alkane?3, 4-dimethylhexane What is (are) the product(s) of the complete combustion of any hydrocarbon?CO₂ + H₂O The functional group contained in the compound CH₃CH₂CONH₂ is a/anamide What is the IUPAC name for CH3 │ CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3pentane A alkyne is always a carbon compound that […]

Sociology Final- Chapter 14

Education is the social institution by which society provides people with important knowledge, including-job skills. -basic facts and information. -cultural norms and values. In low-income nations, most education is a matter ofwhat parents and other community members teach their children. The fact that, historically, schooling has been mostly for elites […]

TKAM Literary Terms

Allusion DefinitionReference to something outside the text Allusion Example“Maycomb County had recently been told it had nothing to fear but fear itself” pg 6 Flashback DefinitionWhen the text goes back in time to explain the past Flashback Example“When enough years had gone by to enable us to look back on […]

Julius Caesar Act 1 study guide jack

In the streets of RomeWhere did the first scene take place? Yelling at the commoners who are cheering Caesar on for having killed Pompey.What are Flavius and Maraullus doing? The cobbler who makes and mends shoesWho claims to be a “mender of bad soles,” a “surgeon to old shoes,” and […]

Using Technology to Change the World

What is true about crisis mapping software?Ushahidi was created in a few days and distributed globally for free. Web 2.0 has led to a shift from just consuming content towardproducing content Examples of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing includeKickStarter and Mobile Voice QR codes can be linked toa video, a Facebook page, […]

ServSafe Review

TCS foodTime Temperature Controlled for Safety- ready to eat, meat, poultry, untreated oils, spouts, dairy USDAgovernment agency designed to regulate an inspect meat, eggs and poultry foodborne illnessan outbreak when __2____ people get sick from eating the same food state adopts a new FDA codeAdopt and train staff Poor hand […]

feedback mechanisms

what are the types of feedback mechanisms?positive and negative why do organisms use feedback mechanisms?to either maintain or amplify important chemical systems how do organisms regulate complex systems through chemical interactions?through feedback mechanisms what happens in a negative feedback mechanism?there is a stimulus, a signal is sent, a response, and […]


The percentage of solids in a sample of human blood is normally abount a.15% b.30% c.45% d.60%45% The biconcave cells in blood that lack nuclei when they are mature are the a. white blood cells b.red blood cells c.platelets d.macrophagesred blood cells Wich of the following is an agranulocyte? a.basophil […]

Chapter 3: Medical Insurance

Replace fee-for-service plans with affordable, quality care to healthcare consumersThe intent of managed health care was to EnrolleesWhich term best describes those who receive managed healthcare plan services Retained by the Medical Center as profitThe Medical Center received a $100,000 capitation payment in January to cover the healthcare costs of […]

World History 3.4 The Age of Napoleon

PlebisciteA direct vote in which the entire electorate is invited to accept or refuse a proposal Napoleonic CodeAnnexIs the French civil code, established under Napoléon I in 1804. The code forbade privileges based on birth, allowed freedom of religion, and specified that government jobs go to the most qualified. Continental […]

Ch 2 Key Issues 2

What is the NIR today1.2 When did the global NIR peak1986 What was the global NIR when it peaked2.2 About how many people are being added to the worlds population each year80 million In What world regions is most population growth occurringAsia Sub Sahara Africa LAtin America and the Middle […]


The most frequently used mark of punctuation is thecomma The major coordinate conjunctions areand, but, or, and nor Which sentence uses a comma correctly?We went to the grocery store, and we bought a gallon of milk. Which sentence is punctuated correctly?Juan and Mary went to Chicago, but they didn’t see […]

CPT Ch. 23 Quiz Review

Plastic repair of the cleft lip/nasal deformity primary bilateral, one of two stages.40702 Excision, lesion of the palate with a simple primary closure.42106 I&D of a peritonsillar abscess.42700 A diagnostic, transoral, flexible esophagoscopy was performed. During the procedure an esophageal polyp was found and removed by hot biopsy forceps.43216 A […]

CIS 150 4

Data seriescontains the actual values that are plotted on the chart either a or bCategory values are usually located in the ____ of the data source. B29:C34Referring to the figure above, if you were to create a Wine Production Chart pie chart using the information in B28:C34, the data source […]

Credit Cards

creditwhen goods, services, or money is received in exchange for a promise to pay a definite sum of money at a FUTURE date borrowerperson or organization that is receiving the money lenderperson or organization who has the resources to provide the borrower money creditworthinessan individual’s ability and willingness to pay […]

chap 6 the roman republic

how did geography affect the development of rome?it was on seven hills how did the Etruscans influence the development of Rome?they developed writing architecture alphabet and the use of the Arch Which were the main groups theat competed for pwer in the early Roman republic?the patricians and the pelbeians whta […]

Chapter 11 MC

Each year there is a ceiling for the amount that is subject to all of the following exceptFederal Income Tax The journal entry a company uses to record the issuance of a note for the purpose of converting an existing account payable would bedebit Accounts Payable; credit Notes Payable The […]

The Respiratory System

What three regions is the Pharynx divded into?Nasopharynx, Oropharynx, Laryngopharynx. Where is the Pharynx located?From the base of the skull to the level of the sixth cervical vertebra. What is the location of the Nasopharynx?Lies posterior to the nasal cavity. What is the function of the Nasopharynx?Strictly an air passageway. […]

AP Human Geography Chapter 1 Vocab

FieldworkA method of studying what people are doing and observing how their actions and reacctions vary. Human GeographyThe study of how people make places, how we organize space and society, how we interact with each other in places and across space, and how we make sense of others and ourselves […]

Psych chapter 17

Psychotherapya specialized process in which a trained professional uses psychological methods to help a person with psychological problems. -People enter therapy in order to rid themselves of an abnormal behavior or to improve their daily living (personal growth) Psychoanalysis: (freud)the root of all psychological problems are unconscious conflicts(not practiced anymore) […]

Marketing Chapters 1-4 (combined)

*Q: Marketing expertise is gained:* a. Only through very careful study of relevant marketing success stories. b. By even the average person, who has a great deal of shopping experience. c. Typically through a comprehensive study of product failures. d. Only by large firms with many years of experience; it […]

Psychology chapter 3

SensationThe process by which a stimulated receptor (such as the eyes or ears) creates a pattern of neural messages that represent the stimulus in the brain, giving rise to our initial experience of the stimulus PreceptionA mental process that elaborates and assigns meaning to the incoming sensory patterns Absolute thresholdthe […]

Catcher in the Rye

What does Holden mean when he says that his brother D.B. is out in Hollywood “being a prostitute”?He is giving people what they want. He is being metaphorical. D.B. writes movie scripts there Where is Holden as the story beginsHe is in some sore of mental institution program Where and […]

Thank You for Arguing Chapters

Chapter 1 “Open Your Eyes”Introduction to establish that argument is everywhere. Used for persuasion. Argument is the essential skill of leadership Chapter 2 “Set your Goals”rhetorical argument is different from the way that “argument” is defined and perceived today. In an argument, each side tries to win over an audience. […]

Medical Terminology, Chapter 12, The Integumentary System

abrasionan injury in which superficial layers of skin are scraped or rubbed away abscessa closed pocket containing pus that is caused by a bacterial infection acne vulgarisa chronic inflammatory disease characterized by pustular eruptions of the skin caused by an overproduction of sebum actinis keratosisa precancerous skin growth that occurs […]

APEX Econ 4.4: Financing a Business

Seed capital pays for which of the following?Funding for research and development of a business idea Startup capital pays for which of the following?Operating expenses for the first year of a new business Which of the following best states the difference between seed capital and startup capital?Seed capital is for […]


The movements of energy and nutrients through living systems are different because…energy flows in one direction, and nutrients recycle. A snake species, a grass species, and a mouse species are part of a food web in an ecosystem. Rank these three species in their likely order in a biomass pyramid […]