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HESI Premature Infant

Jamie Fargo is a 17 y/o student. Pregnant. She has not told her family about it and has not sought prenatal care. One evening she tells her mom she is feeling really bad with abdominal cramps, so her mom takes her to the ER. After an exam by the HCP, […]

Managerial Accounting Final Exam

Balanced Scorecardan integrated set of performance measures that are derived from and support the organization’s strategy Common fixed costa fixed cost that supports more than one business segment, but is not traceable in whole or in part to any one of the business segments Cost centera business segment whose manager […]

Gene Expression – 1

Gene expressionThe process of cell implementing the instructions of a gene Lac OperonThat segment of DNA in some bacteria that contains a gene, operator , and apron other that directs the formation of the enzymes that break down lactose Lactose intoleranceCannot digest the large sugar molecule lactose, a recessive trait […]

Vocabulary Workshop Level F, Unit 1

Approbation(n) the expression of approval or favorable opinion, praise; official approval Assuage(v) to make easier or milder, relieve; to quiet, calm; to put an end to, appease, satisfy, quench Coalition(n) a combination, union, or merger for some specific purpose Decadence(n) decline, decay, or deterioration; a condition or period of decline […]

Health Chapter 10 and 11; Alcohol & Tobacco

causes a change in a person’s physical and emotional stateWhy is alcohol considered a drug? nausea, loss of body heat, dehydration, loss of judgement, reduced reaction time, memory loss, coma, deathWhat are the short term effects of alcohol? heart damage, several kinda of cancer, liver damage, kidney damage, and brain […]

ATI Leadership B

RN Duty: Informed ConsentReview Previously provided info about the procedure Sealed Radiation Therapy ImplantVisitors- max of 30min per day and stay 6ft away from client Keep Pt in a Private Room RN to avoid turning back to pt when wearing a lead apron HC associated Infections on unit; Auditing Quality […]

Biology osmosis jones

What type of cell is osmosis JonesWhite blood cell A cop and his girlfriend are going to the kidneys to see who? Why do they need to go see them soonThe stone because it might pass After germs enter the blood stream, whose problem do they become?Immunities What does Ozzie’s […]

Chapter 12: Social Psychology

GroupthinkOccurs when people place more importance on maintaining group cohesiveness than on assessing the facts of the problem with which the group is concerned In what way is compliance different from conformity?Compliance: changing one’s behavior as a result of other people directing or asking for the change Conformity: changing one’s […]

US History I – Midterm Review Vocabulary

Stamp Actrequired colonists to purchase special stamped paper for every legal document, newspaper, or pamphlet Samuel Adamsfounder of the Sons of Liberty Townshend Actsindirect taxes on imported materials like glass, lead, and paint Boston Massaresmall battle between a few colonists and British guards (resulted in the death of Crispus Attucks) […]

Biology Ch.1

Species is related to the concept of biodiversity because it is the amount of species that make up the biodiversityHow are species related to the concept of biodiversity? The characteristics of living things contribute to an organisms survival because it helps the organism to find the right resource for energy, […]

Bill Of Rights Flashcards

Amendment 1Freedom of press, religion, assembly, and speech Amendment 2Right to bear arms Amendment 3Quartering soldiers Amendment 4Searches, warrants, and seizures Amendment 5Right of accused persons Amendment 6Speedy, public trial with an impartial jury; confront witnesses and to have a counsel Amendment 7Trial by jury in civil cases Amendment 8Limits […]

Comm Chapter 2

Culture:The totality of learned, shared symbols, language, values, and norms that distinguish one group of people from another. How is culture acquired?Culture is learned. It is not necessarily based on ethnicity (perception of ancestry or heritage) or nationality (our status as a citizen of a particular country). It is determined […]

tech 7

each device connected to a network is known as anode a small network used for communication between personal computing devices is aPAN the fastest broadband internet service is usuallyfiber optic the part of the network that establishes a communications channel between the nodes of the network is known astransmission media […]


how did improvements in the microscope help scientists form the cell theory?became sturdier, easier, and more powerful- view and describe cells and organelles in greater detail, prove in all living things how do prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells differ?pro- no nucleus, membrane bound organelles, single celled eu- nucleus, membrane bound organelles, […]

Chapter 5 Homework

A, T, G, CIn a DNA sequence, the purine ___ always pairs with the pyrimidine ___, and the purine ___ always pairs with the pyrimidine ___. CGlycogen is _____. A. a source of saturated fat B. the form in which plants store sugars C. a polysaccharide found in animals D. […]

Chapter 17: Marketing

an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos, and audio.social media planning the selling program and implementing and evaluating the personal selling effort of the firmsales management The practice of building ties to customers based on a salespersons […]

Network Pro Ch 4

The media access control method of all Ethernet networks isCSMA/CD Which of the following connectors is used with Ethernet 10BaseT networks?RJ-45 Which of the following use the CSMA/CD access method?(2 answers)1000BaseT, 10BaseT A network is connected following the IEEE 802.3 specifications. Which of the following best describes when a device […]

Human Development (2)

According to Piaget, two types of adaptation are:assimilation and accommodation. Lev Vygotsky is best known for his contributions to ______ theory.sociocultural According to Piaget, cognitive growth is promoted by a need for:equilibrium. Olaf can reason consistently about real and tangible things. However, he cannot yet reason about abstract ideas or […]

Chapter 7 – The Governor

The state’s highest elected executive office.Governor What are the qualifications to be Governor?– 30 years old – resident of Texas for 5 years – US citizen – registered voter Does our governor have a lot of power when compared to other state governor’s?– No – Remember, the 1875 Constitutional Convention […]

Accounting ch 13 Statement of Cash Flows

the balance sheet reportsfinancial position. when a comparative balance sheet for two periods is presented it showswhether cash increased or decreased. statement of cash flows reportscash flows–cash receipts and cash payments it also shows – where cash came from (receipts) and how cash was spent (payments) -reports why cash increased […]

Lord of the Flies: Chapters 3 & 4

Describe Jack. What is he wearing? What looks different now from when he first arrived on the island?tattered shorts. Sun burn, hair longer and lighter hair What is Jack doing?hunting for pigs What is the first thing Jack asks for when he comes out of the forest?water What are Ralph […]

Biology JEH- Chapter 7

The Calvin cycle must turn 6 times in order for what to happen?it to produce one molecule of glucose The shorter the wavelength of visible lightthe greater the energy The first cells to release oxygen into the atmosphere were what?Cyanobacteria Photosynthesis take place where?In the cholorplast Green contributes the least […]

Spanish-American War

Causes of the war-Yellow Journalism -The U.S.S. Maine was sunk -Protection of American business interest in Cuba -To fight against Spain’s oppressive government Results of the war-Cuba -Philippines -Guam -Puerto Rico -Cuban Protectorate William McKinleyargued that if the US gave the Philippines independence, some other nations would probably attack the […]

How to speak mexican

HiHola How are you?Como estas? How old are you?Cuantos anos tienes? What is your favorite color?Que es tu color favorito? May I use the restroom, please?Puedo ir al bano, por favor?

Understanding Nutrition Chapter 5

A compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen with 3 fatty acids attached to a molecule of glycerol would be known as atriglyceride A food that represents a visible fat would bebutter In which form are most dietary lipids foundtriglyceride A common feature of the plant sterols is theyinhibit absorption […]

Testout Practice Questions (2.3.4 – 4.10.3)

eutthx Which of the follow information is typically not included in an access token?Group membership User security identifier User rights *User account password* Marcus White has just been promoted to a manger. To give him access to the files that needs, you make his user account a member of the […]

Competition and Free Enterprise

competitionwhat happens when two or more parties seek the same prize or benefit free enterprisean economic system in which there are minimal restrictions on business ownership and activity regulationthe placing of limits or restrictions on business activity by government restrictto create limits In the United States, the government creates laws […]

TIPS Certification Exam

Behavioral cuesinhibitions, judgment, reactions, coordination Inhibitionsrelaxed and talkative and could display mood swings Judgmentoverly friendly, dancing or singing ReactionsLose their train of thought, glassy, unfocused eyes, slurred speech Coordinationstagger, stumble, spill drinks Intoxication Rate Factorssize, gender, rate of consumption, strength of the drink, drug use, food intake 1/2 oz pure […]

Unit 12: Psychological Disorders

psychological disordersdeviant, distressful, and dysfunctional behavior patters. -must interfere with daily life medical modelcan be diagnosed on basis of symptoms and can be treated with therapy bio-psycho-social persepctivebiological, social, and psychological factors contribute to produce the disorder DSM-5 (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders)system for classifying disorders -includes symptoms […]

chapter 10

kines/omovement mening/omembranes neur/onerve my/omuscle vag/ovagus nerve (10th cranial nerve) radicul/onerve root (of spinal nerves) tax/oorder, coordination myel/ospinal cord ( means bone marrow in other context) esthesi/ofeeling, nervous sensation quadri-four hypo-beneath, below hemi-half poly-many, much sub-under micro-small hyper-over, above dys-ill, bad epi-upon, on, over, near para-beside -algesiaexcessive, sensitive to pain -paresisweakness […]