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Lifetime fitness

Endorphins are generated in the body during exercise, which leads to better emotional health.True. Explain why exercise is an important component of good physical fitness.Exercise is important because of its positive effects on all the body’s systems. In addition, regular exercise reduces the risk factor of contracting many diseases. Discuss […]

Organizational Behavior

The description of an organization as more like a snake pit, with daily conflict, distress, and struggle would come from which level within the organizationindividual level The snake pit metaphor of organization behavior conveys thedark side of human behavior The study of individual behavior and group dynamics in organizational settings […]

Unit 2 Vocab Level G Completing the Sentences

brackishTo our dismay, we discovered that the water we had worked os hard to bring to the suface was too __________ for human consumption accostAs an employee of the local polling service last summer, it was my job to _______ people on the street and ask their opinions maelstromMany a […]

EMT-B Chapter 10 – Shock (Mine)

afterloadThe force or resistance against which the heart pumps. anaphylactic shockSevere shock caused by an allergic reaction. anaphylaxisAn unusual or exaggerated allergic reaction to foreign protein or other substances. aneurysmA swelling or enlargement of a part of an artery, resulting from weakening of the arterial wall. autonomic nervous systemThe part […]


Spending on issue advocacy ads by PACs need not be reported by a candidate. a. True b. Falsea. True Entertaining politicians is one of the most critical ways for lobbyists to gain access. a. True b. Falsea. True Bribery is a. A common practice with lobbyists. b. Legal as long […]

Electromagnetic Waves Exam

Electromagnetic waves vary in?wavelength and frequency To calculate the frequency of an electromagnetic wave, you need to know the speed of the wave and its what?wavelength Light acts like what?Both a wave and a particle Because light travels in a straight line and casts a shadow, Isaac Newton hypothesized that […]

Hunting Elements

Where does an element take its identity from?From tiny particles or protons from the nucleus. How does gold extracted per ton of rock ore?1/2 a milligram (An ounce of gold per ton of rock ore) What is copper combined with to make bronze?copper and tin = bronze What is the […]


What is the Best Buy Customer Promise?1. The Latest Devices – All in One Place 2. Knowledgeable, Impartial Advice 3. Competitive Pricing 4. The Ability to Shop Where you Want When You Want 5. Support for the Lifetime of your Products 6 Steps of Selling Skills1. Preparing to sell 2. […]

Biology ( Water Cycle)

Name 3 important needs for water.biomechanical mechanisms, habitat for plants and animals, participates in cycling of all materials used by living things. How is water distributed through the biosphere?Water or hydrologic cycle. What draws water back to earth?gravity what is transpiration?water lost through leaves of plants. what determines which plants […]

Americans with Disabilities Act

What was the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990?To provide a clear and comprehensive mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities When did it take effect?July 26, 1992 Public Law 336 Name the Federal Agencies with ADA responsibilities.Employment State and Local Government Public Transportation […]

New England Colonies Chapter 2 Section 2

Why did the Pilgrims and Puritans leave Europe for the Americas?The pilgrims left Europe because they wanted to escape persecution. The puritans left Europe because they wanted to reform the Anglican Church. Do you think the Pilgrims could have survived without the assistance of Squanto and Massasoit? Explain your answer.It […]

Ch. 13-14

Presidential Succession Act of 1947Law that set the order of succession following the Vice President presidential successionPlan to fill a vacancy in the presidency chief diplomatThe President as the main author of us foreign policy chief citizenThe President as representative of all people electoral voteVote cast by electors in the […]

Word Chapter 3

Business documents can include all of the following EXCEPT ____.journals At a minimum, your resume should present all of the following EXCEPT ____.past salaries earned A letterhead should contain all of the following EXCEPT ____.objective All of the following are guidelines about the appearance of letterhead elements EXCEPT ____.make the […]

Spread of Revolutions in Europe

Universal Manhood Suffragegiving all adult men the right to vote Autonomyself- rule with in the Ottoman Empire Ultraroyalistsnobels favoring a return to old order RecessionA period of reduced economy activity Ideologysystems of thought and belief Charter of French LibertiesLouie XVIII restored to throne and created this – 2-house legislator – […]

Things Fall Apart: Study Questions Chapters 1-25

Why was Okonkwo famous?He was a well know successful wrestler when he was young. As an adult, he was a wealthy farmer & strong warrior Describe Unoka.Okonkwo’s father. He was lazy & improvident. Constantly borrowed money that he didn’t repay. Why had the men of Umuofia called a meeting?The men […]

Food Inc.

What were the advantages of the McDonalds restaurant switching to an assembly line type operation?Quicker, low wages, and workers were easier to replace. About 80% of the beef supply is controlled by only 4 companies. List them.Tyson, Swift, Cargill, National Beef How are the names of brands and labels placed […]

LOM chapter 18

State of equilibrium or constancyhomeostasis Excessive thirstpolydipsia Post-puberty hypersecretion of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary glandAcromegaly Which of the following is associated with neuropathy, nephropathy, and retinopathy?Secondary complications of diabetes mellitus Which is a description of achondroplasia?Defective cartilage formation that affects bone growth Which is an example of an […]

PBS 5.1.5 Bacterial Identification Conclusion Questions

Why was it necessary to complete the Gram stain in order to determine the bacterial species infecting Anna?It was necessary to complete the Gram stain because that is the first test in the flowchart to determine the bacterial species, so without the information from the test, you would not be […]

Immune system Ch 21

Lymphocytes provide an adaptive or specific defense known as the A) phagocytic response. B) adaptive defense. C) immune response. D) lymphocytic response. E) inflammation of tissues.C) immune response. In general, lymphocytes A) spend most of their time in lymphatic tissue. B) have relatively short life spans. C) have two nuclei. […]

Econ Chapter 3

TransitionPeriod of change in which an economy moves away from a centrally planned economy towards a market-based system Free EnterpriseAn economic system that permits the conduct of business with minimal government intervention PrivatizeTo sell to individuals state-run firms which are then allowed to compete with one another in the marketplace […]

Physical science final exam

atomic theorya theory that states that all matter is composed of tiny particles called atoms. chargea measure of the extra positive or negative particles that an object has relative mass of subatomic particlesneutron-neutral proton-positive electron-negative amu solidclose together vibrate liquidslide past gasspread rarely touch charles lawvolume correlates with temperature temp […]

Guided Reading Activity 4-1

What five freedoms does the First Amendment protect?Speech, Press, Assembly, Religion, and Petition. What part of the First Amendment protects religious freedom?The Establishment clause. What are three types of speech protected by the First Amendment?Telephone, Lecture, and radio broadcast. How does the First Amendment protect freedom of the press?It prevents […]

Psychology (Chapter 1 Test)

Wilhelm WundtStructuralist; father of modern psychology William JamesFunctionalist; father of American psyhcology *examined goals/purposes of behaviors Sir Francis GaltonBelieved that genetics accounted for our personality Sigmund FreudDeveloped the first comprehensive theory of personality *psychoanalyst Mary CalkinsTutored by Wm. James; rejected by Harvard University; President of the American Psychological Association Ivan […]

Geo Bee 5th Grade sagemont

What are the names of the four hemispheres of the Earth? Which two do you live in?Eastern, Western, Southern, Northern; Northern, Western. What does a star or a dot in a circle usually mean?A national capital. Which of the following is not a city: Columbus, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, or Charleston?Pennsylvania. What […]

ECO 2023 – Chapter 15

What is not a characteristic of a monopoly?one buyer Dick obtains a copyright for the new computer game he invented. What is this an example of?barrier of entry The fundamental cause of monopoly isbarriers to entry When a firm experiences naturally declining average total costs, the firm is anatural monopoly […]

Pearl Harbor 1

When was the attack of Pearl Harbor?The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Honolulu by air on December 7, 1941 at 7:55 am Why did the Japanese want to attack Pearl Harbor?Hawaii is a very important, strategic location because it controls the Pacific Ocean and if the Japanese could take out the […]

APUSH – Period 3

salutary neglectPolicy used by British towards the colonists until the French and Indian War. Left them alone to govern themselves because thought that would benefit the colonies and stimulate commerce. Albany PlanProposed by Ben Franklin in 1754 to unite the colonies. Was rejected. Louisiana and New OrleansAreas French claimed for […]

Of Mice and Men Chapter 2

What does George answer when the boss asks what he is trying to put over?He lies and says he and Lennie and cousins and they left their last job because it was done Which character is this… the bosses son short and stocky ex-boxer likes to pick on men bigger […]

exam #5

Which of the following is true about installing a processor on a motherboard?after placing the processor in the socket, you need to lock down the lever After installing the processor, if the system begins the boot process and suddenly turns off before completing the boot, the processor is most likely […]


What is often the largest components of logistics costs?transportation costs When a specific point in time, or level of production, is chosen and costs are developed for the various logistics cost centers, it is calledshort run analysis The product’s dollar value typically affects the cost of logistics activities.warehousing, transportation, packaging […]